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    The Home Dashboard page is the place you automatically go to when you sign in for your studies. You can access your current enrolled courses and your guidance and credential panel. You can download award credentials on this page as well.


    The Courses page brings you to 150 plus courses available at Christian Leaders. We have many courses available like Theology, Old Testament Survey, Biblical Interpretation, Life Coaching Ministry, Enterprise and Business, Prayer, Youth Ministry, Discipleship, General Education, Philosophy, and lots more courses that fit your calling. 


    Are you interested in college credentials? Are you interested in ordination or licensing? The Programs tab lists all of these opportunities for you to explore and learn about. 


    Maybe you are new to Christian Leaders Institute. You may have questions. The FAQ page has articles and videos that help you navigate the opportunities offered.


    Here is a quick link to donate and support this free learning worldwide so we can continue to keep raising up Christian Leaders all over the globe.


    The Store page is a quick link for you to go to our Christian Leaders Store which has many different products in it, including Student IDs, Credentials, Christian Leaders Donation Options, Degree Payments, Clergy Kits, Merchandise like Christian Leaders' T-shirts, bumper stickers, coffee, keychains, connection cross, and much more. Check out our store.

    We are so excited about you being here at Christian Leaders Institute! May God bless you as you explore these opportunities God has given you!