Become a Confident, Competent, Credible, Connected, and Multiplying Christian Leader

You are called. We thank the Lord for you. Let nothing stop you from becoming a confident, competent, credible, connected, and multiplying Christian leader.

Complete the Multiplying Christian Leaders Course (1 CDS Module)

To help you learn about becoming a multiplying Christian leader, this 2-3 hour course shares the operating system of the Christian Leaders Institute for multiplying Christian leaders. If you are new to CLI, this course is your starting point. For those taking courses and completing programs, this course will inspire you to make a more significant impact in your spheres of influence. Click Here

Complete Free Courses

To help you become a vital Christian leader, you are welcome to enroll in and complete patron-supported free courses and mini-courses on topics of interest to Christian leaders. After you review a course, click the enroll button; you will then be asked to confirm your enrollment. You have six months to complete a given course.  Click Here

Enroll in the Calling and Confidence Course (1 CDS Module)

Considering your calling? This one-credit course will help you reflect on gifts, calling, and temperament for ministry. Click here to review and/or enroll in the class.

Start your Wedding Officiant journey (1 CDS Module)

We recommend starting with the Wedding Officiant Skill course if you are considering an ordination path. This course, foundational for all licensed and fully ordained roles, is like a seed. This ten-hour course is your gateway to your first licensed role on an ordination path with the Christian Leaders Alliance. Click here to learn more about the Licensed Christian Wedding Program.

Enroll in the Christian Leaders Connection Course (3 Credits)

This course is required in all three degree program tracks - Divinity, Chaplaincy, and Christian Leadership in the Leadership Excellence School. This course is also required for all credential and fully ordained ordination roles with the Christian Leaders Alliance. It takes you deeper into the exploration of ministry and is life-changing! Click here to review the course.

Enroll in the Christian Basics Course (3 Credits)

Based on Dr. Edwin Roels's book, 'What is Christianity?', this course helps you understand and become confident in the fundamental doctrines of the Bible. For those with in-depth Bible knowledge, a test-out option grants three credits. Click here to review the course.

Gain Admission to a degree program

If you are interested in an Associate or Bachelor's degree, check out the Leadership Excellence School admissions course. This course is your orientation and guide toward enrollment in a degree program. Click here to check out the course.


Christian Leaders Institute offers awards, certificates, and diplomas at its Christian Development School (CDS) and degrees at its Leadership Excellence School (LES). The Institute also provides an ordination path with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Our goal is to help you grow as a Christian leader through a path of Christian education, credentialing, and ordination.

Multiplying Christian Leaders will not only get you started at Christian Leaders Institute, but you will also learn what it means to be a Christian Leader and how you can walk a path to become a difference-maker in our world!

This course is for those who want to grow in their calling and Christian identity! This course is part 2 of the "Getting Started" experience at Christian Leaders, and this course may change your life!  

Become a multiplying difference-maker and take another step in your ministry journey. Christian Leaders offers training and programs to advance your calling! Learn more about how to get started with Christian Leaders in this course.