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    Becoming a Virtuous Woman of God

    by Dr. Terri Krause

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    Regardless of where you are now, or what happened in the past, God promises you will become a new person when you receive Jesus as your Savior and Redeemer. To redeem means to buy back, or to free from that which causes distress or harm ( Jesus bought us back and brought us home to live in the love and protection of God's family.

    Sometimes, it seems like what we think of as being virtuous is gone forever. But, as virtuous women of God, we look to the Word of God to define us, rather than to human criteria. We can rely on the love and compassion Jesus displayed toward women to understand our value to God. And, we look to the precious Holy Spirit to help us respond to the questions and accusations raised by the current culture. The Holy Spirit will always point us to Jesus—the only way, the only truth, and the only life. 

    Course Objectives.

    Learners will be able to:

    1. Explain the Biblical definition of virtue.
    2. Describe how God views women.
    3. Compare the difference between the world's definition of the sources and standards of identity and the Biblical view.
    4. Apply God's value system of grace to one's own mistakes. 
    5. Explain the difference between perception and reality.
    6. Recognize Satan's war against womanhood, and reflect on how that has manifested in one's own life.
    7. Analyze where a lack of personal integrity may have been the source of pain.
    8. Compare/contrast the characteristics of Wisdom to Foolishness.
    9. Be able to explain the path to personal wholeness.
    10. Understand the difference between humility and humiliation, and between strength and weakness in granting grace and mercy.
    11. Identify the barriers and burdens that inhibit one's freedom to live a virtuous life.
    12. Create a plan to take hold of the inheritance God has for them as Virtuous Women of God.


    After viewing each video, please reflect on the question in the Course Forum and share your thoughts with your classmates before you move on to the next section. We never know when our own reflections can be a source of strength to others, so please post thoughtfully and read the posts of others. 

    To experience transformation...

    To get the most benefit out of this mini-course, you will want to watch the videos in order and then take time to really reflect on the ideas and Scriptures presented. It will take approximately 30 minutes to watch one video and take time to reflect and respond to the forum questions each day. 

    I hope and pray that each person who takes this course will be able to find the stability and strength of basing their identity on Christ Jesus. The world's criteria for evaluating identity changes daily; but, God's promise that we can have our identity as His dearly loved Children and joint-heirs with Jesus will never change. This assurance of our value to the Creator of the Universe will hold us steady while the world tosses and turns with the "flavor of the month".

    Dr. Terri

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