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  • Mini-Course Overview

    Introduction to Praise Music

    by Greg Walker


    Praise music and Temple Musicians are HUGE subjects, and this course only begins to scratch the surface of all that pertains. We will touch on subjects like Temple Musician and instrument history, band member attitudes, and the possibility of God calling you to the task of presenting praise music to His people.  And even if you are not musically inclined, the information presented will give you great insight into the musical functionality of the church and worship. 

    Course Outcomes: 

    Upon the completion of this mini-course, students will have an understanding of:

    1. Praise music in the modern church
    2. The evolution of praise music through history
    3. Ways to explore one's musical skills and the types of musical skills
    4. The etiquette and attitude standards for participating in praise music, in a group or otherwise
    5. Types of praise music and their roles
    6. The process of discerning your calling and the importance of doing so

    Post and respond to others in each of the 4 forums. This class differs from other mini-courses in that some outside research and out of class work is required


    After you complete viewing the materials and posting your reflections there is a feedback quiz. The quiz will help us evaluate the effectiveness of the mini-course.

    About Pastor Walker

    Hello, and welcome to the Intro to Praise Music mini-course.  My name is Pastor Greg Walker and I will be your facilitator for this class.  The class is designed to provide some basics about modern praise music, and your possible role as a temple musician.  And even if you are not a musician the information in this class should provide you with valuable knowledge regarding how and why worship music is presented.

    Although I am not a master musician myself I have been studying and playing music solo and in bands for decades. Guitar is my forte.  I have some amateur-level experience with sound engineering, and recorded full-length CDs of original music for two bands.  I am very passionate about music and love offering back to God the musical talents He gave me.

    I have two post-grad degrees, one of which focuses on organizational behavior, psychology, and leadership.  I also have a Bachelor's in Divinity from CLI and am an ordained pastor with CLA.

    In this class, my lectures are brief, as are the readings.  Most of the time you spend in this class will be with exercises and research.  In addition to a couple of written assignments, I hope that you will be active in the class forum, especially by responding to posts by other students.  This helps make the class more informative, interactive, and just plain fun.  Enjoy!  And God’s Peace to You now and always.

    - Pr. Greg

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