Submit Two Endorsements

In preparation for being considered a Coaching Minister, you must gather two endorsers.  

Step One: Identify your endorsers 

Endorsements from the following profiles: 

  • A Ministry leader or a Mentor Minister
  • A spouse or a friend if unmarried
  • A non-family member that knows you and respects you
Step Two: Contact two endorsers and email or text them this question. 

"Why do you think my walk, temperament, character, and calling show that I am called to be a Coaching Minister?  Then you will copy and paste or you will scan their written response.  

For each endorser, it is required that you include their name, contact information, and what their relationship is to you (spouse, mentor, mentor minister, long-time friend, fellow church member, pastor, etc.).

Students are responsible to keep copies of their recommendation letters for future reference or if they would need to supply them to someone in the future. Christian Leaders Alliance will not retain these letters once they have received a grade for the minister credential role. 

Step three: Complete this Assignment that will be reviewed and graded.  

Take that copy and pasted or scanned or photographed endorsement and complete this endorsement assignment. 

Additional Resources

Sample Partially Fiction Recommendation:   

Sample One

When Robert first talked with me about writing an endorsement for him I honestly didn’t know where to start. I have witnessed so many reasons, I could share countless stories, and he has an abundance of qualities and character traits as to why he has been called to be a ministry leader. To spare you from reading the novel that I could write regarding my husband, I have chosen to share with you, what only I can experience firsthand.

Robert, amongst other wonderful things, is a loving and devoted husband and father. After struggling with infertility for five years and being told we wouldn’t be able to conceive, we were blessed with our first baby girl. Five years later, we have been blessed again with our second baby girl. Robert has always expressed that our girls are here because of God. All praise has always gone to Him. When I witness him reading the bible and having discussions with our children, I am so proud of the father that God has given my children. Becoming a father is one of the many reasons that have led him to this point. He knows that this is his time to share and give thanks for the blessings we have received.

Robert is immensely dedicated, and motivated, and knows within his heart that this is the path he was called to take. I know without hesitation that he will strive in his studies and become an effective ministry leader.

Amber Smith (Robert’s Spouse)

Sample Two

I have never doubted in my mind that Robert would become involved in some ministry. This is something that God has laid on my heart for years, even if Robert didn't realize it. Although the road to get to this point has not always been easy, the journey has helped him grow as a man in all areas. His life experiences will help him relate to those he wishes to help and witness because he has been in their shoes and he knows how God can turn their lives around. Robert is passionate and faithful in whatever he does, and he will no doubt put his entire heart into helping others and teaching them about God’s love and grace.  

Kami Jordon LSW

A social worker at Presbyterian Health

Sample Three:

I endorse Robert. As one of his pastors and mentors, Robert has been using his gifts for ministry. His life is a witness to his faith. We are excited about his eventual ordination as a “deacon minister” as you put it.

Bob Jinkins

Pastor – Grace Community