What Costs Could Be Involved

You can go through the certificate/diploma track for free, but if you choose to order an award, you will need to pay for it. All official, embossed diplomas cost $125, and all official certificates cost $55. You cannot make monthly payments for these. You can choose to purchase them once you earn them (not required)

Many of the courses you need in order to earn your 'Diploma of Divinity' are also needed for the degree.

If you do go for your Diploma of Divinity as an Institute student and then decide you want a degree as well, all of the courses you have taken that are required for a degree will be able to transfer to the Christian Leaders College once you complete the College Admissions.

You can take up to 18 credit hours of courses at a time, and once you enroll in a course, you have 180 days to complete it.

We offer degrees in Divinity, Chaplaincy, and Christian Leadership. Each degree program's administration fee is $1,500. Discount for paying in full is available. Monthly payment plans, institutional grants, and scholarships are potential options a student can pursue if that fee would be more than a student could afford. You must be accepted into the College and make a degree program administration payment before you can request to be enrolled in the degree program.

Last modified: Friday, February 10, 2023, 12:19 PM