Yes, the military would honor the Chaplain Ordination, which requires the Bachelor Degree in order to complete at CLI, but any student should double check with the local recruiter or other pertinent military personnel to confirm.

As far as being nationally recognized, we are not nationally recognized for employment with governmental agencies, but many Christian and Church organizations may recognize the degree for employment or ministry purposes. Some colleges may also be willing to accept the Bachelor of Divinity Degree, but the student would need to contact and ask the college - we are always happy to create new relationships with colleges and will send the college whatever they need to see in order to consider accepting student applications from our Bachelor graduates. The best thing for a student to do is to ask whatever agency, group, church, or organization for which they want to work if they would consider a Bachelor Degree from CLI as an appropriate credential for the particular job/role/position that the student is wishing to apply for. 

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