Below are the steps to download a copy of your unofficial student transcript:

Step 1) Log in to your student account.
Step 2) Locate the 'dashboard' homepage.
Step 3) Scroll down to the 'grades' subsection.
Step 4) Locate the drop-down button alongside your report.
Step 5) Click the button and download a copy of your student transcript.

For an "official" copy of your academic student transcripts (you must be a student admitted to the Leadership Excellence School to request an official CLI Leadership Excellence School transcript or you must be a CLI Christian Development School student who has completed the Christian Leaders Institute Verification Class to be eligible to request an official Institute transcript):

Step 1) Email the registrar's office at '' requesting your interest in a copy.
Step 2) Fill out the 'transcript release form' sent to you from the administrator.
Step 3) Pay the transcript processing fee.
Step 4) Wait for either an electronic copy or physical (based on request).
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