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The Leadership Excellence School Admissions course is a class that prepares students with the information and knowledge needed to successfully navigate and understand the inner workings of the Leadership Excellence School (LES) as well as the degree programs within. It also ensures students seeking entrance into the Leadership Excellence School and its programs meet the admissions criteria of CLI's Leadership Excellence School. More details about those criteria are available to read below.

More Detailed Information:

In this Leadership Excellence School Admissions application process, students first pay a $125.00 application fee (a discount is available for Vision Partners and an institutionally-subsidized price is available for Tier Nation students). Next, they must update and submit a well-written student profile to confirm their writing readiness. They also must submit verification of their identity through a government-issued ID (alternative options are available if a student is in a situation that prohibits the student from being able to upload a government-issued ID). Lastly, they must establish their readiness credentials and submit one recommendation. To establish readiness credentials, students must have completed one of the following options: (1) complete 30 units at Christian Leaders Institute, (2), send their official high school transcript or GED, (3) send an official transcript from another institution of higher learning in order to transfer three credits, or (4) complete the College Preparation Award (14 units) at Christian Leaders Institute.


Admissions criteria: Leadership Excellence School’s admissions policy requires each applicant to:

1. Demonstrate earnest desire to learn about Christian belief, practice, and ministry.

2. Demonstrate readiness for study at a postsecondary institution.

3. Provide evidence of personal integrity and a good reputation.


Admissions process: All applicants for admission to Christian Leaders Institute’s Leadership Excellence School must first create a study account at the Christian Leaders Institute (CLI). CLI students can obtain official admission to the Leadership Excellence School by completing the Leadership Excellence School Admissions class. Here is a more detailed description of the process for gaining admission to CLI’s Leadership Excellence School, showing how applicants meet the admissions criteria by taking these steps.


1. To demonstrate earnest desire to learn about Christian belief, practice, and ministry, an applicant must agree to CLI’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and must ordinarily affirm agreement with CLI’s Statement of Faith.*

*An applicant who does not agree fully with the Statement of Faith may be considered for admission only after identifying the area of disagreement, discussing it with the Office of Student Services, and committing not to contradict the Statement of Faith when interacting with other CLI students.


2. To demonstrate readiness for study at a postsecondary institution, an applicant must write and submit a well-written profile to demonstrate writing ability and must do one of the following as part of the CLI Leadership Excellence School’s admission process:

a. Send official high school transcript or official GED to the CLI registrar’s office.

b. Already have completed 30 units at Christian Leaders Institute’s Christian Development School.

c. Earn CLI’s College Preparation Award, which consists of Christian Leaders Connection, Ministry Foundations, Christian Basics, Basic Writing or College Writing, and at least one of these three classes: College Algebra, Practical Math, or Christian Leaders Enterprise.

d. Transfer at least 3 credits from another college where the student was previously enrolled


3. To provide evidence of personal integrity and a good reputation, an applicant must submit one letter of recommendation as part of the Leadership Excellence School’s admission process as well as upload a government-issued ID verifying the applicant’s identity. The recommendations must be from one of the following sources:

a. From a ministry leader, mature Christian, or a mentor/accountability partner (preferred source)

b. From a non-family member who knows the applicant well.


Christian Leaders Institute reserves the right to request a second recommendation if the first recommendation is not appropriate or clear enough to allow an understanding by the Institute as to the applicant’s reputation and personal integrity.


The Leadership Excellence School Admissions (0 credits) is the venue for each applicant to fulfill Leadership Excellence School admissions criteria. Upon completion of the Leadership Excellence School Admissions, the applicant is admitted to the Christian Leaders Institute’s Leadership Excellence School. Students accepted into the Leadership Excellence School will have two separate transcripts – a Christian Development School one (units) and a Leadership Excellence School one (credits). Only courses eligible to give college credit will appear on the Leadership Excellence School transcript.

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