Associate of Divinity Degree

Requirements: Minimum of 64 credit hours and 2.0 GPA or higher

Designed to help you become grounded in the Bible and theology, develop a biblical worldview, grow closer to Christ, and serve God in various kinds of Christian ministry and/or leadership. 


  • Summarize the redemptive-historical story of the Bible and identify key truths.
  • State major elements of a biblical worldview and contrast with other worldviews.
  • Use spiritual disciplines to commune with Christ and conform to his character.
  • Explain biblical principles for ministry and best practices for interpersonal communication, healthy relationships, evangelism, and group dynamics in the church.

  • This degree can be a stepping stone for continuing your education to a bachelor's or further degree program.
  • This degree fits those seeking to be employed as an Associate Pastor, Youth Leader, or Administrator at a church or Christian organization.
  • Increase your skills to serve in a volunteer ministry role or to become a church planter. 
  • Grow your own faith and biblical knowledge. Impact people around you with what you have learned. 

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Associate of Divinity Alumni Testimonies: 

"I would like to give honor, praise, and glory to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for leading me to study and complete degree through the power of the Holy Spirit. The sessions were well-planned, spiritual, and educational. Although it has been a journey since 2019, the easy learning feature has allowed me to continue at my own pace. God aided me in better understanding his purpose and the destiny of my life. I believe I am better and prepared to share God's Word and Jesus Christ's Great Commission with others. The process required commitment and discipline, but it was rewarding." - Bosco G.

"I enrolled in Christian Leaders College because after taking several courses through Christian Leaders Institute and becoming ordained as a result, I know how excellent the courses are and the low cost for the divinity degree. I choose the divinity degree because this field of study will further help to equip me in ministry. The things that I believe will stay with me are, the significance of the word of God in every area of life, every subject covered relates to God's word to some degree, I will also remember not only courses like total fitness and Evangelism Presenting Grace and others but more importantly the professors who taught me with such passion." - Vaughn T. 

"Christian Leaders Institute has equipped me for church planting and pastoral ministry. The training I have received from CLI has equipped me to share the gospel in its correct context. The scripture speaks of studying to show thyself approved, one that needed not to be ashamed. With that said, CLI as/will take me to the next academic level as the Lord uses me to bring revival to the world." - Johnathan W.

Bachelor of Divinity Degree

Requirements: Minimum of 124 credit hours and 2.0 GPA or higher

Designed for those who desire to progress further in their relationship with God, gain advanced knowledge of the Bible and theology, and serve God in preaching, discipling, and other kinds of ministry. CLC’s Bachelor of Divinity combines elements of Bible college and seminary training. It equips you for ministry and positions you for further study, if desired, in seminary or graduate school. The Bachelor of Divinity provides a double major: a Bible/Theology major and a Ministry major.


  • Employ sound principles of interpretation and apply Scripture to contemporary contexts.
  • Defend the biblical worldview and critique other worldviews.
  • Biblically assess various doctrinal claims and ministry methodologies.
  • Recall past missions and revivals, and develop a personal mission plan.
  • Demonstrate competence in making disciples, preaching, pastoral care, and leadership.


  • You could possibly get employed as a Senior Pastor, Missionary, Author, Education Teacher, Minister Associate, Professor, and Christian Speaker.
  • Increase your skills to serve in any volunteer, part-time, or full-time ministry positions. 
  • Grow your own faith and biblical knowledge. 
  • Impact your community with what you have learned from this in-depth biblical education.
  • You can transfer this degree into a master's program with one of our partner schools like Liberty, Ohio Christian University, and others.

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Bachelor of Divinity Alumni Testimonies: 

"The Bachelor’s degree in divinity has been so rich in content and practicality preparing the average minister for the real world. The courses have not just helped me to become a better minister and a pastor of a local Church but improved my communication skills in my immediate community and with my colleagues in the workplace. Each course seems to have been crafted with the student in mind and the ease of learning is simply phenomenal. Objectives of each course are set and upon finishing each course, I feel so enriched as all the objectives have been met, The teaching style and methods of the professors in each course is another commendable aspect of the course. The fact that you have different approaches to learning for each course is awesome." - Olabode S.

"I chose the Bachelor of Divinity degree program because of my work as a mission leader and as a manager in a law enforcement agency.  In both areas, I believe I was called to share the hope of Christ with others.  As a servant of the Lord, I want to be prepared to go wherever He sends me and to build up and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19-20). My important takeaways from my learning at CLI are to be disciplined in your learning, that your education never ends, and that many had gone before you and stayed steadfast in the Lord. We all have spiritual gifts that can be used for God’s kingdom, and we must be prepared to share them with others. Graduating from CLI has taught me that I can accomplish academic work if I apply myself.  As a result, I have enrolled in an online Master of Divinity program at Liberty University in Virginia.  My degree program will specialize in disciple-making.  I plan to continue my mission work when the borders reopen and win others to Christ." - David W.

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