What is cheating?
Cheating is finding out the content of quizzes before taking the quiz. This is not allowed. DO NOT discuss quiz questions and answers with other students. DO NOT use a different CLI account to see quiz questions or answers in advance. That is cheating.

May family members or study groups learn together?
Yes, students may discuss videos and articles together, but you must not take quizzes together or share any information about quizzes with one another. Each student must earn his or her own grade on a quiz, not get quiz help from someone else.

How is cheating detected?
CLI computer servers track student activity. This information is analyzed for evidence of cheating. The Provost is then informed of any suspicious patterns.

What is the penalty for cheating on quizzes?
Cheaters will fail the class and will be expelled from Christian Leaders Institute. All certificates, awards, and diplomas will be revoked. Someone who cheats is not honest or trustworthy enough to be a leader in the church of Jesus Christ.

Can I appeal a decision to expel me?

If you believe the charges of cheating are not accurate, you may appeal to the Provost. After consideration of your case and any further information you provide, the Provost will make a final decision on whether you will remain a student at CLI or be expelled.

Last modified: Thursday, December 2, 2021, 5:46 PM