Video Transcript: The Gospel of Mark


Unit 11 01 The Gospel of Mark


Welcome again, I am going to just share a little bit about the book of Mark. In this particular book, one of the emphasis that Mark presents is Jesus as the Messiah servant. You saw, probably now the video when we saw Matthew presented Jesus, the Messiah King. And here Mark is more about Jesus as the Messiah servant. This is the shortest of the four Gospels. And as you read it, you'll begin to at least a sense that the gospel proceeds at a very fast pace. Unlike Matthew, who spends a little bit of time in Jesus early life, like Mark immediately goes into the activity, the proclamation, the ministry of Jesus, a word, a key word in the Gospel of Mark is immediate. He says it over and over again. And as well another key word is to serve. Mark has given or given facts of Christ, as she got it. While we believe from Peter. That's his, that's Mark's source of information on the life of Christ, he is writing to a Gentile audience. This is because a Mark who finds it necessary to translate the Aramaic sayings of Jesus some of them. Matthew didn't have to do that, because he wrote to the Jewish audience, they understood Aramaic but Mark, when he quoted some of the things that Jesus said, As you read, you'll find that he had to translate it. And Mark uses some Latin names. Which something that perhaps in Mark's mind, some of the audience were actually Romans, thus, Han dressed? Well, what is the central purpose? For the writing of the gospel of Mark, I find this Mark's main purpose is to display the supernatural nature of Jesus. He states that Jesus is no ordinary person, but the very Son of God. What is the significance of this son of God, this, this word, this phrase, varies couple of things. So understand when you read, and you see the phrase, Son of God, think this. God said that Jesus was his son Mark one verse 11. Even a demons proclaim Jesus to be the Holy One of God. So that phrase, Son of God, is connected to the Holy One of God. When Jesus when March said that the sins of the lame man were forgiven, that is given when Jesus said the sins of the layman was forgiven. Religious leaders understood that to be a function of only God could do, that Jesus Son of God, God, when demons cried out, that he is the Son of God, again, attributed to the Divinity, the divine supernatural nature of Jesus. Jesus mark shows how Jesus calm the storms and so therefore he is Lord over creation. Some more things about the significance of this phrase, the Son of God, even Peters very plot proclamation in chapter eight, verse 29, when Peter said, You are the Son of God, you are the Messiah, you are the Christ. Throughout the book, you have these other things. The transfiguration is found there as well. In which Jesus is displayed as a son of God, God says, This is my son. When questioned at his trial, geez, whether he was the Christ, Jesus said, I am. When Pilate last. Are you the kings of the King of the Jews? He said, Jesus replied, Yes, it is, as you said, and even at the death on the cost, the soldier said, This of Jesus, surely, this man was the Son of God, the Son of God. want to read to you, John, chapter five, verses 16 and 18. There John said, For this reason the Jews tried all the harder to kill him. Not only was he breaking the Sabbath, but he was even calling God to His own Father, making Himself equal with God, that phrase a son of God. Just understood to refer to Jesus as equal to God. How does Mark illustrate this other aspect of Jesus as a servant, Mark spends quite a bit of time illustrating that and Mark particularly Mark 10, verse 45, we have this verse says, The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many. In even chapter one, Jesus, coming as a teacher and a preacher serving Jesus working the miracles as part of a service, demonstrating His power over disease, and over demons. That makes me think of a couple of things, the idea of the kingdom of God. What does that mean? Well simply eat his kingdom think of Kingdom as the rule, and the reign of God. And Mark illustrates Jesus Kingdom Come or proclaiming the kingdom in several actions. It uses authority to teach in Jesus authority to call disciples in Jesus, feeling in Jesus power over demons, these are ways in which the kingdom of God the rule of God, came, intruding on this earth in a wonderful way. So, Kingdom authority, Kingdom rule, we see it in the actions of Jesus. In else as illustrated in the book of Mark the way to Jesus, there was a moment where Jesus, he was somewhat silent to His disciples about His Messiahship. Throughout the ministry didn't really reveal it until after the resurrection. Why was Jesus so much silent about his identity to the disciples? That is a full disclosure? Well, it was because they did not yet fully understand the Messiah weren't ready to fully understand Jesus as the Messiah. And they are not ready and did not have the power of the spirit within them to operate as effective witnesses yet. This all happened after the resurrection where Jesus finally demonstrated we was open up their understanding and they received the power of the Spirit or anyway, in Mark. Jesus is portrayed as the Messiah servant.

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