Complete this first part of the two-step, twelve-point Final Assignment by submitting this feedback activity.

By completing this activity, you will give CLI valuable feedback about the quality of this class. This is an opportunity to provide any written observations or concerns (e.g. Flagging a problem question for review). Your feedback is so important! Thank you!

Lastly, some of your feedback may be sent to our supporters, partners or vision partners. Please keep that in mind as you write your responses.  Express how this class helped you develop as a revival leader. Your written responses will assist CLI in raising the resources to keep this generosity-driven training free.

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Instructions - 

In order to properly submit your feedback and provide the best student experience please read the following:

Use the email address associated with your CLI account to send your feedback to us at

  • In the subject of your email, copy and paste the name of this class: Song of Songs.
  • Copy and paste the below questions and signature to the body of your email.
  • Answer questions and replace "CLI Student" with your name in the signature section.
  1. What have you learned in this class specifically that will help you in your ministry calling?
  2. What did you like about this course?
  3. Do you feel that the objectives of this course were met?
  4. Are there specific topics you believe should have been covered or anything else that could be added or changed to improve this class, either in material or quizzes?


CLI Student


Thanks so much for your input. We are so grateful that you have chosen CLI to be your education institute to gain the necessary knowledge for your ministry. Congratulations on completing this class and may God continue to bless you!

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