Acceptance Requirements (full details on each of these items may be found in the Leadership Excellence School Admissions course):

  • Create a study account at Christian Leaders Institute
  • Enroll into the Leadership Excellence School (LES) Admissions course.
  • Begin the application process into the Leadership Excellence School by paying your Application Fee and submitting the corresponding assignment. This fee supports the staff as they process your application into the School.
  • Establish your college readiness for higher education. This includes the sending of official transcripts or evidence of previous formal studies. Full information is contained in the Leadership Excellence School Admissions class.
  • Verify your identity.
  • Fulfill profile writing requirements.
  • Submit one endorsement.
  • Ordinarily, affirm agreement with the Statement of Faith*

    *An applicant who does not agree fully with the Statement of Faith may be considered for admission only after identifying the area of disagreement, discussing it with the Office of Student Services, and committing not to contradict the Statement of Faith when interacting with other CLI students.

If the administration finds that all these requirements have been successfully met by the student within the Admissions course, the student will be accepted into the Christian Leaders Institute's Leadership Excellence School and will be eligible to pursue enrollment into a degree program.

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