Bachelor of Divinity Degree Requirements: 

Minimum of 124 credit hours and 2.0 GPA or higher

Designed as a versatile degree to help you to be a well-rounded Christian leader applying a biblical worldview in a wide variety of life situations: business, trades, home, church, ministries. Graduates from high school or home school can earn a degree before entering a trade or master’s level studies. Retirees can strengthen knowledge and increase impact for Christ. The Bachelor of Christian Leadership provides you a double major: a Bible/Theology major and a Ministry major. In addition, you can choose a concentration in an area you want to focus on. If you want a triple major that includes business or philosophy, that is an option with this degree.



·       Employ sound principles of interpretation and apply Scripture to contemporary contexts

·       Defend the biblical worldview and critique other worldviews

·       Biblically assess various doctrinal claims and ministry methodologies

·       Demonstrate competence in making disciples, pastoral care, and leadership

·       Choose a sphere of influence, relate a biblical worldview to that sphere, and develop leadership abilities within that sphere     

·       Develop skills to gather information, think critically, and communicate clearly

*These courses are included in the Associate of Christian Leadership degree.


Bible/Theology Studies (31 credits)

*THE 101 Christian Basics (3 credits)

*BIB 111 Old Testament Survey (3 credits)

*BIB 112 New Testament Survey (3 credits)

*THE 210 Theology I (4 credits)

THE 310 Theology II (4 credits)

BIB 311 Biblical Interpretation I: Old Testament (4 credits)

BIB 312 Biblical Interpretation II: New Testament (4 credits)

THE 320 Christian Apologetics (3 credits)

THE 350 Prayer (3 credits)


Ministry Studies (31 credits)

*MIN 010 Christian Leaders: Getting Started (0 credits)

*MIN 015 Christian Leaders College Admissions (0 credits)

*MIN 100 Christian Leaders Connection (3 credits)

*MIN 101 Ministry Foundations [2020] (3 credits)

*MIN 151 People Smart for Ministry (3 credits)

MIN 210 Pastoral Care (3 credits)

MIN 220 Church and Ministry (3 credits)

MIN 237 Influence Smart (1 credit)

MIN 240 PeaceSmart Relationships (3 credits)

OR MIN 245 Restoring Relationships - Transforming Justice (3 credits)

MIN 250 Life Coaching Ministry (3 credits)

MIN 310 Evangelism: Presenting Grace (3 credits)

MIN 320 Leadership (3 credits)

At least one elective in Ministry Studies (3 credits)


*General Studies (35 credits)

*COM 101 Introduction to Communication (3 credits)

*ENG 121 College Writing (3 credits)

*ENG 122 College Writing Lab (1 credit)

*ECN 201 Introduction to Economics (3 credits)

*SOC 201 Introduction to Sociology (3 credits)

*INT 210 Total Fitness (3 credits)

*PHI 230 Ethics (3 credits)

*HIS 240 History of World Christianity (4 credits)

*Natural Science/Mathematics (choose one course; 3 credits)

MAT 121 College Algebra (3 credits)

MAT 151 Finite Mathematics (3 credits)

SCI 201 Astronomy (3 credits)

SCI 210 Introduction to Biology (3 credits)

*Philosophy (choose one course; 3 credits)

PHI 201 Logic and Critical Thinking

PHI 211 Introduction to Philosophy

*At least two electives in General Studies (6 credits)


Additional Electives (25 credits)

For maximum flexibility in your selection of courses, while pursuing the Bachelor of Christian Leadership degree, you may choose any combination of additional electives that add up to at least 25 credits.

 Concentrations and two additional major options are available to take as part of the elective options for this degree by completing specific elective requirements. Information on the concentrations and additional majors are available on the Available Credentials Panel, the Academic Catalog, or in the Bachelor of Christian Leadership Degree capstone course.

*ACL290 Capstone course for Associate of Christian Leadership degree (1 credit)

BCL490 Capstone course for Bachelor of Christian Leadership degree (1 credit)

BCL 490 is to be taken as your final class after completing all electives in the degree program.

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