Students can complete any of the courses at their own pace. Many courses have suggested time periods assigned to units, but these are just suggestions. The courses contain all the resources (videos, readings, PowerPoints, etc.); no textbooks will need to be purchased. 

A full course is any course that is 1, 2, 3, or 4 credits. These courses are college-level and have graded quizzes and/or written assignments. Full courses cover broader topics and explore many facets of that topic. A full-length course has a 180-day enrollment period where students can study at their own pace. Students may enroll in up to 18 credits at a time. 

The course categories cover Bible, Theology, Ministry Studies, General Studies, and Enterprise.

We also offer skills courses that do not award credit but instead Modules for their completion.

A mini-course is a not-for-credit course and is significantly shorter. Mini-courses have a more targeted and 'practical' scope. Most mini-courses can be completed in 1-5 hours of study. Instead of quizzes or papers, mini-courses have several short answer style reflection questions that are only graded for completion. Mini-courses have an enrollment period of 90 days. 

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