By paying a $50 administration fee and then emailing the Registrar at, a student may request a review by our Registrar to determine if that student may re-take one non-failed course. If a student failed a course, the student will need to see our Course Failure Policy above. Students should be aware of the following eligibility requirements and administrative review processes:

1. A student must have received a D- or higher in order to re-take a course. 

2. The student’s former course activity and progress will be reviewed to determine whether he or she is eligible to become re-enrolled in a course. For credibility purposes, the Registrar will do a careful review of the student’s record and activity at CLI. Within two weeks of submitting this request for review, a student will be informed whether or not he or she will be allowed the opportunity to re-take the course.
3. A student may only re-take one course at any given time.

4. The $50.00 administrative fee will cover the reviewing of ONE course for re-taking. If a student has an additional course that the student will want to re-take in the future, the student will need to pay the $50.00 administration fee to request an additional course re-take upon completion of the course he or she is currently re-taking.
5. A student may only re-take up to three (3) courses if deemed appropriate by the Registrar's administrative review in each instance.
6. Upon completion of the review, the student will be notified when he or she will be eligible for re-enrollment in that course.

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