Hi, I'm Abby Dominiak, I'm director here, I want to share a little bit about how is this opportunity funded and get a little more into depth on it. 

The courses, they're completely free the global recognition, on official transcripts and credentials, all of that is given freely by the generosity of Churches, Organizations, Christians, and students who see the value of its education.

And realize why it has to be free, it has to be an option, because 1000s of people around the globe would not have been equipped to dig into the Word of God, to learn more about the ministry skills they need to best serve, and effectively share the Gospel. And so it has to be free. 

You know, I have been here at Christian Leaders Institute, and I've had the privilege of not only working here, but I am a student for life. I have completed my Bachelor of divinity here, and I plan to continue to take courses. Right now I have transferred my Bachelor of divinity into a master's program as I record this. 

And I have seen how Christian Leaders Institute Alliances in college, all of it, the courses, the training, the education, the professors, the lectures, the readings, the quizzes, every bit of it, how it has played a role in changing my personal life.

I've also had the privilege of talking with 1000s of other students who have also shared how the training has changed their life, and opened the doors of opportunity in ministry in their local area. 

And so, I'm a vision partner to and I just want to encourage you right now, it's completely optional. But to become a vision partner, to support, even if it's just $1.50c, maybe that's all you can do. Or maybe you have a little more you can do 50 a month, or 100. 

Maybe you can't give anything. And if you can't, we are so glad you're here, join us in praying that God keeps this opportunity available, that we can keep providing free ministry training around the globe. 

Because you know, even though it's given freely to you, it's not free. It's the hard work. It's the staff, the professors, the facilities, the internet, every single person that has made this possible, and of course, all of generous support the funding that keeps it possible in many students, many hands and made light work of keeping it possible by giving $50,100 a month. 

So below me there is options for becoming a vision partner, or supporting in another way, you can support us with a one time donation, or you can join as a monthly vision partner at different levels. 

And each of those levels have different thank yous, because we see the value of having a heart of generosity and so maybe a free student ID or T-shirt or other things are available at the different levels, which you can read about below. Or maybe you want to support by getting a Christian Leader T-shirt, or getting into our college or a program. 

There's other ways that you can support. So also below, you can check out our Christian Leader Institute store and see some of the merchandise and products that we have available and all profit goes back to funding, more ministry training, more Christian education and more lives changed. 

So I hope you will join in making this possible. Join if you can in giving or join in praying. We are so glad that you are here and you are a part of the movement of Christian leaders around the globe. God bless you and if you have any questions, please email vpadvocate@christianleaders.net

Last modified: Monday, June 26, 2023, 7:38 AM