Clarifying What's Free and What is supported through Mission Shares

We understand that one of the most frequently asked questions pertains to what is free and what incurs a fee (Mission Share" within our organization. 

First, Briefly, what is the mission? 

  1. Free Excellent Faith-based Courses: We are proud to offer all our faith-based Biblical courses, including both full-length and mini-courses, completely free of charge. This encompasses all course materials such as videos, lectures, reading materials, textbooks, quizzes, papers, and any other educational resources provided within a course. We owe this generosity to the contributions of fellow students, organizations, churches, and Christians worldwide who recognize the significance of making Christian online education accessible to all individuals with internet access.

  2. Global Recognition: We offer a global directory where our graduates if they choose, can have their names and completed courses listed. This recognition serves as a testament to your educational achievements and can be beneficial when showcasing your skills and knowledge, particularly in job applications or other professional opportunities.

  3. Transcripts and Credentials: For your convenience, we provide the option to download digital transcripts and credentials. These digital copies can be obtained for any courses or accomplishments within our institute or the Alliance. This feature aims to accommodate individuals who may require informal verification but are unable to access the traditional hard-copy version. The traditional hard copy version requires mission share support. In this case you will pay an administration share (fee)

  4. Programs with Mission Shares: Our programs, including The College, Alliance, and various programs within the institute are supported by mission shares. In the past, we called these Administration fees, but we now call them mission shares, because all donations, income, or fees support the mission.  The difference between a donation and a ministry share is that a donation or gift is voluntary and you determine your goodwill offering. The Mission Share is a required sharing to support the services need to complete a specific request, such as an official transcript or other administrative fees. The fact is however, all income donations or shares support the Christian Leaders mission to raise up more Christian Leaders and Ministers. 

We encourage you to reach out to us for any further clarifications regarding what is free or what entails a mission share. You can easily access our support button located at the bottom of the screen or send an email to We are here to assist you throughout your educational and credentialing journey. 

Last modified: Tuesday, June 13, 2023, 5:52 AM