Contact Information: 
Please email Christian Leader's support at with any general or support requests or questions. Help Desk typically responds within 24-48 hours. All other staff and departments generally may take 2-5 business days to respond.

Call us at (727) 230-1036 (Florida) or 616-414-5168 (Michigan Numbers); (727) 230-1036 (Florida)

Helpful Email Addresses:

Jon Dowler - our student care chaplain, helps with any of your general questions and assistance needed. If you're unsure who to contact, we suggest starting with the Help Desk email since the Help Desk will know where to send your question if it is not something they can assist you with.

Abby Dominiak - Student Services Director. She oversees all aspects of Student Life and its programs at CLI. Email:

Ann Merkle- our Financial Director and HR Director. She handles check recording and depositing, manages our online payment portals, assists students with payment-related issues, keeps CLI employee records, and oversees employment paperwork and hiring processes. Email:

Alysha Tjapkes - the Registrar. She oversees and manages our Leadership Excellence School Admissions and Degree Programs, assists the Provost and Academic Office Manager with keeping our academics and classes at a high standard, and also helps develop and implement procedures and protocols. Email:

Rhonda Sullivan- the Executive Office Manager. She plans and executes all CL events. She manages the Executive office schedule. She oversees the mailing and order fulfillment department at CLI and assists with the administration of the Ordination Program as well. Email:

Florence Fritz - Multipliers Advocate. She assists our Multipliers (formerly referred to as Vision Partners) with any questions related to their Multipliers Benefits. She is also happy to explain more about becoming a Multiplier to any student interested. Email:

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