Exercise 1

  1. The Dust Bowl was a name given to a period of very destructive dust storms that occurred in the United States during the 1930s.

  2. Historians today consider The Dust Bowl to be one of the worst weather events in American history.

  3. The Dust Bowl mostly affected the states of Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico.

  4. Dust storms continue to occur in these dry regions, but not to the devastating degree of the 1930s.

  5. The dust storms during The Dust Bowl caused irreparable damage to farms and the environment for a period of several years.

  6. When early settlers moved into this area, they removed the natural prairie grasses in order to plant crops and graze their cattle.

  7. They did not realize that the grasses kept the soil in place.

  8. There was also a severe drought that affected the region.

  9. The worst dust storm happened on April 14, 1935, a day called Black Sunday.

  10. The Dust Bowl era finally came to an end in 1939 when the rains arrived.

  11. Dust storms continue to affect the region, but hopefully they will not be as destructive as the storms of the 1930s.

Exercise 2
  1. Marina finally forgave her sister for snooping around her room.
  2. The house shook as the airplane rumbled overhead.
  3. I bought several items of clothing at the thrift store on Wednesday.
  4. She put the lotion in her shopping basket and proceeded to the checkout line.
  5. The goose laid several golden eggs last night.
  6. Mr. Batista taught the class how to use correct punctuation.
  7. I will drink several glasses of sparkling cider instead of champagne on New Year’s Eve next year.
  8. Although Hector grew three inches in one year, we still called him “Little Hector.”
  9. Yesterday our tour guide led us through the maze of people in Times Square.
  10. The rock band burst onto the music scene with their catchy songs

Exercise 3

In the Middle Ages, most people lived in villages and worked as agricultural laborers, or peasants. Every village had a “lord,” and the peasants worked on his land. Much of what they produced went to the lord and his family. What little food was leftover went to support the peasants’ families. In return for their labor, the lord offered them protection. A peasant’s day usually began before sunrise and involved long hours of backbreaking work, which included plowing the land, planting seeds, and cutting crops for harvesting. The working life of a peasant in the Middle Ages was usually demanding and exhausting.

Exercise 4

a. Subject-verb agreement: "Maria and Ty meets" should be "Maria and Ty meet."

b. Subject-verb agreement: "John’s ability to laugh at almost anything amaze" should be "John’s ability to laugh at almost anything amazes."

c. Inconsistent verb tense: "Samantha and I were walking near the lake when the large, colorful bird appears" should be "Samantha and I were walking near the lake when the large, colorful bird appeared."

d. Irregular verb form: "I builded my own telescope" should be "I built my own telescope."

e. Irregular verb form: "My mother freezed" should be "My mother froze."

f. Inconsistent verb tense: "she says it was past midnight" should be "she said it was past midnight."

g. Subject-verb agreement: "My mother and brother wears" should be "My mother and brother wear."

h. Inconsistent verb tense: "the skunk runs away" should be "the skunk ran away."

i. Subject-verb agreement: "Neither Soren nor Andrew are" should be "Neither Soren nor Andrew is."

j. Irregular verb form: "My hands hurted" should be "My hands hurt."

k. Inconsistent verb tense: "she gives them" should be "she gave them."

l. Inconsistent verb tense: "her job as a therapist was" should be "her job as a therapist is."

m. Irregular verb form: "She criticize" should be "She criticized."

n. Irregular verb form: "Davis winded" should be "Davis wound."

o. Irregular verb form: "Cherie losed" should be "Cherie lost."

p. Subject-verb agreement: "Janis and Joan describes" should be "Janis and Joan describe."

q. Inconsistent verb tense: "You should decides" should be "You should decide."

r. Inconsistent verb tense: "spills millions of gallons" should be "spilled millions of gallons."

s. Inconsistent verb tense: "smiles at the smitten woman" should be "smiled at the smitten woman."

t. Irregular verb form: "The batter swinged" should be "The batter swung."

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