Exercise 1

  1. The young lady was walking the dog while on the telephone.
  2. I heard about the robbery on the evening news.
  3. Uncle Louie, who he called "Speed Racer," bought a running stroller for the baby.
  4. Rolling down the mountain, the explorer stopped the boulder with his powerful foot.
  5. We are looking for a babysitter who owns a car for our precious six-year-old and doesn't drink or smoke.
  6. The teacher wrapped cookies in aluminum foil and served them to the children.
  7. Holding an umbrella, the mysterious woman walked toward the car.
  8. We returned the sour wine to the waiter.
  9. Driving home from work, Charlie spotted a stray puppy.
  10. For dinner, I ate nothing but a cold bowl of noodles.
Exercise 2
  1. Bent over backward, she found the posture very challenging.
  2. Making discoveries about new creatures is an interesting time to be a biologist.
  3. Walking in the dark, I watched as the picture fell off the wall.
  4.  I noticed the cat under the bed while I was playing a guitar in the bedroom,
  5. While packing for a trip, I saw a cockroach scurrying down the hallway.
  6. While looking in the mirror, I noticed the towel swaying in the breeze.
  7. While driving to the veterinarian’s office, I heard the dog nervously whining.
  8. The priceless painting drew large crowds as people walked into the museum.
  9. I chose a romance novel from the pile next to the bookshelf. 
  10. As I was chewing furiously, I let the gum fall out of my mouth.
Exercise 3
I bought a fresh loaf of bread for my sandwich while shopping in the grocery store. Wanting to make a delicious sandwich, I thickly spread the mayonnaise. After placing the cold cuts on the bread, I added the lettuce on top. While turning on the radio, I cut the sandwich in half with a knife. As I bit into the sandwich, my favorite song blared loudly in my ears. Humming and chewing, I enjoyed my sandwich as it went down smoothly. I smiled, knowing that I would make the sandwich again, but next time I will add cheese.

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