Welcome to CLI's Christian Development School

Christian Leaders Institute offers tuition-free, online, at-your-own-pace courses and mini-courses. The Christian Leaders Institute offers these courses tuition-free, supported by the Vision Partners program. 

Christian Leaders Institute offers a Ministry Recognition Program that includes Awards, Certificates, and Diplomas. 

Awards are credentials that require under 30 credits.

Certificates are credentials that require from 30 credits to 59 credits.

Diplomas are credentials that require 60 credits or more.

Below is also the student donor programs for students who give back to this donation-driven education.

Explore the Awards that are available for students to pursue.

Explore the various available certificates. 

Certificates serve as intermediate credentials tailored for individuals engaged in, or aspiring to be part of, volunteer or part-time ministry positions. They require a higher completion of courses than awards, yet fewer than diplomas. Explore the certificate offerings to find the one aligning with your calling.

Explore the diplomas that Christian Leaders Institute offers that pairs with different courses to serve your unique calling.

Christian Leaders Institute provides this Verification Class for students interested in seeking to transfer Institute credit to an accredited partner institution (there are more limited transfer options for the Institute than for College-accepted students, so unless there is a reason a student is unable to pursue College admittance, the Institute suggests that most transfer-seeking students apply to the College as soon as possible).