Getting Started and Ministry Skill Courses

Welcome to the Getting Started and Ministry Skill folder. This folder is a great place for you to start. Scrolling through the courses in this folder,  you notice the Multiplying Christian Leaders Course (1 CDS Module)This course is highly recommended because you will learn how to multiply Christianity. 

Another popular getting started course is called the Calling and Confidence Course (1 CDS Module)

Are you considering your calling? This one-credit course will help you reflect on your gifts, calling, and temperament for ministry. Click here to review and/or enroll in the class.

Maybe you are here to become an officiant, such as a Wedding Officiant; click here to enroll in the Wedding Officiant Skill Course to get started. We offer an ordination path featuring officiant and minister clergy credentials recognized worldwide. Click here to review the ordination path.  Many of these skill courses in this folder can be used as core cores in the clergy credentialing program at Christian Leaders Alliance.

Degree Program? 

If you are looking for our degree program, this folder is not the right place for you, but here is a quick link to get you there: Gain Admission to a Degree Program.

If you want to pursue an Associate or Bachelor's degree, please explore the Leadership Excellence School Admissions course. This course serves as your orientation and guide toward enrollment in a degree program. Click here to check out the Degree Program.

We aim to aid your growth as a Christian leader through Christian education, credentialing, and ordination.

Become a multiplying difference-maker and take another step in your ministry journey. Christian Leaders offers training and programs to advance your calling! Learn more about how to get started with Christian Leaders in this course. 

Multiplying Christian Leaders will not only get you started at Christian Leaders Institute, but you will also learn what it means to be a Christian Leader and how you can walk a path to become a difference-maker in our world!

This course is for those who want to grow in their calling and Christian identity! This course is part 2 of the "Getting Started" experience at Christian Leaders, and this course may change your life!  

Maybe you never have studied the Bible or Theology, and you want to learn some essential study techniques. Maybe you struggled with your studies in your earlier days.  Maybe English is your second language. Maybe it has been a long time since you did any studies.You will learn how to study ministry and theology in this course.