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  • Establish and Register Your Clergy Credentials

    Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant

    Welcome to the Wedding Officiant Role Class!

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    Completing this class establishes and registers your clergy credentials. This Wedding Officiant recognition Class is your final step to being recognized as a Licensed wedding officiant with the Christian Leaders Alliance. 

    Wedding Officiant Advocate

    Florence Fritz ~ email:



    You will need one recommendation concerning your character and calling for this clergy role. This step adds credibility to your officiant status.


    The United States and most countries of the world recognize this Christian Wedding Officiant clergy certification, allowing you to perform a wedding. The Christian Leaders Alliance website directory will publically post your profile as a testimony to your credentialing. 

    Complete your credentialling as a Licensed Wedding Officiant and enjoy these benefits. 


    • This Wedding Officiant program had actual training. This is the first credential with a recognized minister credentialing organization called the Christian Leaders Alliance. Most online licensing or ordination websites just send you a piece of paper that says you are now clergy, without any coursework or recommendations. 
    • This Wedding Officiant Program will prepare you to be confident and competent to positively impact couples and their ceremony. Weddings are often an opportunity to spread the love of Jesus Christ.  
    • When you complete this program class, you will be awarded your licensed credentials that will be posted by the Christian Leaders Institute global graduate directory. The training is free, and the actual posting of the licensed credential is free. The generosity of vision partners supports both. You are asked to make a donation. 
    • After completing this program class, Government officials can look up your name as a licensed clergy member.
    • After you complete this program class, you can register a soul center, which gives you a geographic location with a mailing address. This is necessary in some places in order to be a legal wedding officiant. 
    • You are introduced to the world of ministry training and may discern whether you want to continue with more training and credential levels. You are allowed to add specializations to your credentials.
    • As you complete this course, you will be encouraged to order one of three clergy credential packages to further prove your credential status. Click here for more details


    1. Submit one recommendation. 
    2. Update your profile to communicate your story and your passion for being a wedding officiant. 
    3. Indicate your willingness to submit your story and passion for possible posting on the Christian Leaders Alliance website. This submission helps us reach more Christian leaders looking for this generosity-driven free training. 

  • Activity One - Update Your Student Profile

    Your student profile will become your publicly posted clergy profile at the Christian Leaders Alliance Directory. Your well-written profile communicates your competency and confidence as a clergy member. Please upload a quality picture as well.  As a licensed Christian wedding officiant, government officials will potentially look you up to confirm that you are authorized to perform weddings.

    Your profile will be assessed when your recommendation is evaluated and given a pass/fail grade. Please proofread your profile. 

    ***Please note this assignment, "share your story, optional,"  does not complete your student profile. You will still need to go into your CLI student account and add your student ID photo and your testimonial of how you met Jesus. This is important as your student profile will transfer over to our Christian Leaders Alliance global online searchable Clergy database. 

    Here is a tutorial on how to update your CLI student profile if you are unsure: 
    Watch Video

  • Activity Two - Endorsement

    In preparation for a License as a Christian Wedding Officiant, you need to reach out to one Christian endorser. This can be: 

    • The couple you plan to marry.
    • A ministry leader or a Mentor Minister.
    • Your spouse or a friend.
    • A non-family member that knows you and respects you.

    We recommend using the following script:

    "Why do you think my walk, temperament, character, and calling show that I am called to be a ministry leader?" 

    Once they respond, copy and paste their response into the next assignment. 

    It is required that you include their name, contact information, and what their relationship is to you (spouse, mentor, mentor minister, long-time friend, fellow church member, pastor, etc.).

  • Activity Three- Final Quiz

    • Order Your Official Licensed Wedding Officiant Credentials