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  • Growing as a Man of God

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    Growing as a Man of God

    by Henry Reyenga

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    Christian Masculinity is being attacked. Most of the attackers do not even know what it is! Do you want to grow as a Christian man of God? 

    What is meant by being a man of God? 

    Course Outcomes: 

    1. Be introduced to the subject of becoming a man of God
    2. Learn the characteristics of Biblical masculinity.
    3. Grow in your Godliness. 
    4. Learn to take responsibility to be a provider
    5. Learn the Biblical understanding of becoming a protector and defender
    6. Understand a husband's worldview that applies to everyone. 
    7. Gain the confidence to be a father if called upon. 
    8. Learn the minister tie in as you grow as a man of God. 
    9. Become a man of God who influences your community and your world. 


    Post in 3 Forums. You will get a completion check indicating you have posted reflections also read and engage with the comments of others. 


    After you complete viewing the materials and posting your reflections there is a feedback quiz. The quiz will help us evaluate the effectiveness of the mini-course.

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      Reflection Questions: 

      1. Do you see any disparity, based on your own experience, between the study Pastor Reyenga shared about the biology of the male/female brain and how you personally view gender differences/similarities? 

      2. What are some of the things Pastor Reyenga mentioned that you believe can help you maintain your/a masculine identity despite the current cultural shift that is blurring the lines between genders?

      3. Pastor Reyenga says that our connection to God (through time in the Word, prayer, and worship) causes our character to grow in godliness. He asks us to consider how our walk is going. In what ways are you seeing yourself change in your lifestyle and relationships? What evidence do you see: 1. Of Servant masculinity? 2. Of contentment? 3. Of moderation? 4. That you are fighting the good fight of faith?

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      1. Take an inventory of all the people in your life you are responsible for. Take a sheet of paper and enter their names and next to them a need they have. Then, pray for them and specifically for the need you wrote down. You may post about one of these people and their need if you feel comfortable. 

      2. If you look at your life, how have you been used in the role of protector or defender? Who are some of those you are protecting and defending?  

      3. Paul describes marriage as a model of Christ and His church. Think about how you think about women, how you treat them. What might you want to change to better show your love and respect for your wife/women in the way Jesus loves, cares for, protects, nurtures, and provides for His Bride, the Church, with a one-woman, husbandness worldview and mindset?

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      1. How does Pastor Reyenga's explanation of "Fatherness" fit within your current experience in your family, your church and your community?

      2. Are you able to see yourself as masculine when you hear that humility is the quality that serves as evidence? Are you able to see yourself as a competent minister of the new covenant of the Spirit? You might consider this question in light of your friendships, your training of younger Christians, and/or your faithfulness. 

      3. An influencer is one who lives out the fruit of the Spirit both in word and actions. Who are you praying for, that God will provide you an opportunity to share the good news of new life in Jesus with them? How can you begin to demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit in your daily life so that others might be influenced for the Kingdom?  

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