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    Featuring Youtube Video Links by Dr. Jim Evans

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    Do you want to grow in your Marriage? There are many challenges to marriages! How do you affair-proof and divorce-proof your Marriage? How do you get more spiritual closeness? How do you develop more sexual intimacy? 

    Are you interested in keeping your Marriage growing? Does your relationship need a tune-up? Are you a Christian or minister looking for a great resource? 

    Are you a Christian leader looking for help communicating about Marriage? The Indestructible Marriages Mini-Course features Dr. Jim Evans via YouTube Links on our website.

    Jimmy Evans is the founder and president of XO Marriage, a ministry devoted to helping couples thrive in strong and fulfilling marriages.

    Free Indestructible Marriages Mini-Course Outcomes:

    1. Learn the Christian worldview about Marriage.
    2. Gain insights on how to apply the teaching to your own life and how to teach others.
    3. Gain valuable insights on how to communicate more effectively in Marriage.
    4. Grow in developing your indestructible love.
    5. Learn more about real sexual intimacy in Marriage.
    6. Learn more about how to rust-proof your Marriage.
    7. Learn more about how how to divorce-proof your Marriage.
    8. Learn more about how how to affair-proof your Marriage.

    Christian Leaders Institute thanks Life Quest Community Church for posting these videos by Dr. Jim Evans. 


    Post in 3 Forums. You will get a completion check indicating you have posted reflections. We also encourage you to read and engage with the comments of others. 


    After you complete viewing the materials and posting your reflections there is a feedback quiz. The quiz will help us evaluate the effectiveness of the mini-course.

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      Reflection Questions: 

      1. Jimmy Evans identifies that marriage is built on biblical, 'agape' love. Reflect below on a time that you focused on a different type of love in your relationship and how shifting that to 'agape' love could have improved your marriage or your joint relationship with Christ. 

      2. Jimmy Evans discusses many of the ways in which the world has fallen from the biblical view of sexual intimacy. Reflect below on how this has impacted your marriage or your relationship with sex. How can Christians renew and protect the biblical view of sexuality and intimacy?

      3. Is your relationship with the Lord 'rust-proof'? What about your relationship with your spouse? How is 'rust-proofing' these relationships similar? How are they different? Do you find one easier than the other?

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