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    Social Media Etiquette

    by Abby Dominiak and Abbie Alfree

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    According to Pew Research, about 72% of adults now use at least one social media platform. In today's digital age, social media has become a ubiquitous part of our lives. As Christians, it is important for us to consider how we engage with social media platforms and the impact our online presence has on others.

    This mini-course is designed to provide you with practical guidance on how to navigate social media as a believer. We will explore the importance of online etiquette and how to use social media to share your faith and build meaningful relationships with others.

    Throughout the course, we will cover topics such as:

    • Understanding the purpose of social media as a Christian
    • Developing healthy habits for social media use
    • Avoiding online negativity and conflict
    • Using social media to share your faith in a positive and authentic way
    • Building healthy online relationships with others
    • Responding to negativity and criticism online


    Post in 4 Forums. You will get a completion check indicating you have posted reflections. Also, read and engage with the comments of others. 


    After viewing the materials and posting your reflections, there is a feedback quiz. The quiz will help us evaluate the effectiveness of the mini-course. 

    Please note: This course was originally filmed live as a segment on the CL News. 

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      1. Has someone's encouragement on social media touched your life? Explain. 

      2. If anything, what keeps you from posting uplifting thoughts on social media? What is one encouraging thing you can share on social media today?

      3. When do you think you should intervene in the comment section of social media sites?

      4. If someone is commenting something rude/hurtful/insensitive on your social media posts, how do you think you should respond?

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