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    The Basics of Christian Grief Counseling 

    by Christian Chaplains & Coaching

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    This course will teach the basics of Christian Counseling and Grief Care for Chaplains, Pastors, volunteers, lay volunteers, and spiritual care providers. This is written from a Biblical Christian perspective. The material is presented within an unapologetically Christian worldview. It is suitable for anyone wanting to learn a Biblical approach to grief care. It would be an excellent course for your church to consider using to train volunteers who may like to become part of a Compassionate Care ministry. Those who enroll in the full course through Christian Chaplaincy and Coaching will receive 25 hours of continuing education and a “Certificate in Christian Counseling for Grief.” 

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    Course Outcomes:

    To develop a basic understanding of what grief is, different types of grief, and the emotions experienced by one who is grieving any kind of loss. To provide a basic theology for Christian counseling. Develop an emphasis on relationships as a priority. Recognize the most important tool you have is yourself. Learn that you cannot fix anyone, only God can do that, but you can recognize responsibility and accountability. Understand the relationship between religion and counseling, from a biblical worldview. Recognize and understand the seven key characteristics that makes a counselor Christian. Learn to help others to be rooted in reality. Identify the normal and natural defense mechanisms that people will use when they are in a state of denial. Learn the difference between lamenting and grumbling. To lament is biblical. Finally, to know when to refer a person to a more highly trained professional. Don’t get in over your head or outside your lane. 


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    After you have viewed all of the material and posted your reflections in the forums, there is a feedback quiz. The quiz will help us evaluate the effectiveness of the mini-course.

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      1. How do you think leading with relationship vs. leading with correction helps someone using defense mechanisms? If you have one, share an example of this in your life.
      2. In your own words, why is lamenting biblically important as a Christian, and in the case of this course, as a Christian grief counselor?
      3. Reflect on a time when you experienced grief and its stages. Which stage stands out to you? What was something someone did that helped you through one or some of the stages? How can these reflections be applied as you grow in your Christian grief counseling skills?
      4. What are the dangers of counseling someone in an area that is outside of your expertise? Reflect on what some of your emotional barriers might be and how you can avoid countertransference. 

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