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  • Opportunity Scholarships - Associate Degree

    Opportunity Scholarships - The Pool of Bethesda Program for Associate Degree

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    If you have completed at least 15 credits of Christian Leaders College courses and have at least a 2.5-grade point average, and have a challenging financial situation, you are eligible to apply for this opportunity scholarship. 

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    • Step one: Scholarship Appeal Paper

      NOTE: If you are having trouble completing this paper in excellence, we highly recommend that you complete the "Basic Writing (2 credits)" first then return to turn in your paper. The course will take you on a journey in writing a complete paper and you may utilize it to create this one. Since this appeal letter is required and will potentially be given to potential sponsors, it is crucial that it be well written. Not only that but when you are matched with a sponsor and subsequently complete the exit paper in the degree program, your exit paper will most likely be sent to your sponsor to allow them to follow your progress. 

      You will be writing a paper with a minimum of 1,000 words to appeal for a scholarship. For more information, please read the assignment and then write and submit your Scholarship Appeal Paper in the assignment below. This is one of the most important steps in the Opportunity Scholarship -Pool of Bethesda Program. In order to receive a scholarship, CLI must be able to find a sponsor for the student. This Appeal Paper will be directly used in that process. PLEASE BE CAREFUL TO BE TRUTHFUL IN YOUR APPEAL LETTER; IF AT ANY TIME IN THE FUTURE CLI DISCOVERS THAT A STUDENT WAS DISHONEST IN THE APPEAL LETTER, THE STUDENT'S SCHOLARSHIP AND/OR ANY DEGREE CONFERRED MAY BE REVOKED.

    • Step Two - Receiving a Scholarship. What Happens When a Sponsor is Found for You?

      Once we have found a potential sponsor for you, you must enroll in and complete the Christian Leaders College Admission class. For the payment section, you will state: "I am a Pool of Bethesda Scholarship Recipient." Upon completion of the admission process, you will follow the steps in the Degree Program Orientation at end of the Christian Leaders College Admission class to become enrolled in the appropriate Degree Program for you. 

      You will also be moved from Opportunity Scholarship Applicant to the Opportunity Scholarship Recipient Group. 

      When you have completed all the credits and requirements in that specific Degree Program, we will forward your exit paper to your sponsor for the Degree Program. Make sure to write a thank-you to your sponsor within your Degree Program exit paper.