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  • Financial Liberty (3 credits)

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    Financial Liberty (3 credits)
    Christian Leaders Institute
    Professor: Alex Barron

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    This course presents basic principles for achieving financial freedom. Emphases include confident expectancy, setting goals, preparing personal financial spreadsheets, escaping debt, managing cash flow, investing, and generous giving.

    The vision is to create an army of people who are debt free, prosperous and successful who will be willing to serve others with no limits or boundaries.  We believe a free and prosperous society can be generous and can achieve many more things than a society that is in bondage by debt, poverty, consumption, and selfish desires.

    The purpose is to transform the mindset of society so that each individual recognizes the great wealth that God endowed each of us with at birth.  We are all equal before God. We were all given the same gifts – a mind, a will, a heart, a conscience, and a body and 24 hours every day - and thus each of us has the same opportunity to generate wealth during our lifetimes and live the life of our dreams. What we choose to do with each of these gifts is up to us.


    1.      Understand basic principles to help achieve financial freedom.

    2.      Understand the importance of dreaming in regard to financial goals

    3.      Learn how to prepare personal financial spreadsheets

    4.      Learn principles for getting out of debt.

    5.      Understand concepts of managing cash flow and investments

    6.      Discover why giving is an important part of financial freedom.

    1. Read the online articles for each unit.
     You may also save these articles to your own computer for further study. 
    2. Listen to online video lectures. For some videos, there is also a corresponding article. Slides for each video are posted as a PDF file. If you wish, you may save each file on your computer and adapt the the slides to use when you teach others.
    3. Use the discussion forum to ask questions and exchange ideas with others. 
    4. Take the online quiz for each unit. You will have 75 minutes to answer 20 multiple-choice questions for each quiz. Once a quiz has started, you must finish it, and you can't retake it. So be ready ahead of time. Each quiz covers readings and video lectures for that unit. While taking the quiz, you may use your notes and refer to articles and other materials. Tip: First answer all the questions you know. Then try to look up answers to questions you don't know. When you have entered an answer for every question, submit the quiz for grading before the 75-minute limit. 
    *The course has a total of 240 points: 20 points for each of the twelve quizzes.

    Grading Scale
    A 95-100%   A- 90-94%   B+ 87-89%   B 83-86%   B- 80-82%
    C+ 77-79%   C 73-76%   C- 70-72%    D+ 67-69%   D 63-66%   D- 60-62%   F 0-59%
    Your average for the course must be at least 60%. Otherwise, you will fail the class and will receive no credit.

    You have 180 days to finish the course. Complete all assignments before the final deadline, or you will be automatically unenrolled, and all course work will be removed. You will have to start over and take the class again to receive credit.


    All videos have slides available with them. 

  • Day 1 -10

    Part 1 Financial Freedom 


    In the Introduction, you will face a series of questions which will help you think about the direction of your life.  You will be challenged and will start to see life in a new way than ever before. You will begin to see why the rich are rich, and why the rest struggle all their lives with money and debt.  You will begin to see the importance of establishing a financial foundation for your life and why a solid financial education can make all the difference in the world to your career, your family, and the rest of your life.  If you decide to enroll, this could be one of the most impactful decisions for your future.

  • Day 11 - 20


    To build a solid structure you need to begin with a firm foundation.  Our beliefs and pre-conceived notions about money and the role it plays in our life are foundational key to the reality you experience.  In this lesson, you will begin to see how the core beliefs you hold about money affect the way you live your life, what you study, where you work, and what you ultimately accomplish in life.  We will explore the topic of what is money and why people worry about it so much. The difference between a Scarcity vs. an Abundance mentality. Why knowing your purpose in life matters. And ultimately why clarifying your values and priorities is key to your financial success.

    Most people are programmed from a young age to follow a certain path and lifestyle which is supposed to lead to happiness.  The path to debt is very predictable.  Yet most people never realize how they fell into this trap in the first place.  We will examine the reasons why people get into debt and why most can’t ever seem to get out.  If we understand the mistakes most people make to get into debt, then it becomes easier to avoid them.  When one understands that debt is financial slavery, and that financial freedom is liberating, one obtains the motivation to get out and stay out of debt forever!

  • Day 21 - 30

    Desire to Dream

    Most people go through life without a clear plan of where they want to go, drifting in any direction the sea of life takes them.  In this lesson, you will begin to realize why having a clear Dream and a burning Desire makes all the difference in the world of what you do with your time and your life.  You will see why it is important to spend quality time dreaming, defining WHAT exactly it is that you want out of life, and WHY you want it before learning HOW to get there. 

  • Day 31 - 40

    The Seed of Success

    In this lesson you will learn what it means to “pay yourself first” and why it is so critically important to your financial success.  Most people never learn this lesson, or do not apply it, and then wonder why they are always struggling financially.  Making a habit of “paying yourself first” must be a priority if you are to accomplish your financial dreams and desires.  Once you master this lesson, you will begin to see life in a new and different way and will wonder why you didn’t start sooner in life.

  • Day 41 - 50

    Road To Wealth

    This session will explain why the Road to Wealth consists of learning how to prioritize your time and money.  Most people are not clear on what they should be doing with either one and end up wasting both.  In order to be financially free, one must be clear about our values and priorities, so that we can make the most of our resources.  Once we learn to differentiate between our needs and our wants, we can begin to make progress towards the life we have dreamed about.  We will also learn the critical difference between those who become Rich, the Middle Class, and those who remain Poor.

  • Day 51 - 60

    Balance Sheet & Net Worth
    Do you know what is your net worth? Do you know how it is calculated? This session is important because if you do not know where you are at, then how can you know what steps to take to get to where you need to be.  This lesson gives a clear understanding of the difference between an Asset and a Liability and why understanding this distinction is key to your financial success.  It helps you to take Inventory of your life and is instrumental in setting goals for your Net Worth.  We will also learn about the Intangible Balance Sheet and why this is the key to your success with money.

  • Day 61 - 70

    How To Get Out of Debt Fast!

    Many people are motivated to get out of debt, but feel hopeless because no matter how hard they work, they just don’t seem to make any progress.  In this lesson, we will teach a simple, yet powerful step-by-step method for getting out of debt with the income you are already making.  You will see that it is quite possible to be completely debt-free in just a few years – including your student loans, credit cards, car loans, and even the home mortgage.  If you want to learn the secret to get out of debt, while saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in a safe, risk-free manner that almost no one else will teach you, don't miss this session! This step-by-step formula through the entire process is guaranteed to get yourself financially free in just a few years, leaving you free to enjoy the rest of your life and build wealth!

  • Day 71 - 80

    Cash Flow Management and Investing

    Prudent cash flow management is key to your financial freedom!  Likewise, understanding the role that priorities play in your financial success is critical to achieving success that will last.  In this lesson we focus on the difference between making short-term and long-term financial decisions.  Most people do not understand the difference between a Purchase and an Investment.  They also do not know the difference between an Expense and an Asset.  In this lesson we offer a visual roadmap to financial freedom and success.

    Saving is the seed of your Wealth Tree. However, it takes a lot more than simply accumulating savings and getting out of debt to achieving the dream of financial freedom.  If you want to achieve true Financial Freedom, then you need to learn how to make money work for you, instead of you simply working for money the rest of your life.  In this class, you will learn 15 major principles of investment success – the do’s and the don’ts that successful investors know and practice every day.  Investing should not be a mystery. It simply requires the desire to learn and the patience to let it work for you.

    Many people work hard all their lives, only to see takers, disaster, sickness, divorce, lawsuits, and other mistakes and misfortunes walk away with their hard-earned wealth.  How do you protect your capital? Do you know about estate planning? What about wills? Do you know time tested principles to make loans? Do you know the truth about life insurance? Learn what the rich do to protect themselves and the inheritance they leave to their children.

  • Day 81 - 90

    The Gift of Giving

    For most people, the dream of getting out of debt and achieving financial freedom, is a way to achieve security and success for themselves and their family.  However, achieving wealth without a greater purpose often turns out to be an empty pursuit. Those who want to achieve significance have learned that sharing of their wealth with others less fortunate is a great blessing that words cannot describe.  In this lesson, we explore the Gift of Giving and why it is critical to develop this as part of your plan to become Financially Free from the beginning.  We also teach principles to distinguish between worthwhile causes and organizations vs. those who want to profit from your generosity. Learning how to give wisely is extremely important to achieve true financial success.

  • Day 111 - 120

    As you complete this tuition-free course, let's pray for and thank the Vision Partners!  Their sacrificial giving supports these tuition-free courses so that those will little or no extra resources can access high-quality ministry training. 

  • Day 121 - 150

    Read the Inspiring Testimony of this Christian Leaders Institute Student

    Me and my Husband

    CLI Student Emerald Anderson-Ford

    "My name is Emerald, I am 27 years old and I am a very happy wife and mother to a 9 month old baby girl. Though I have recently returned to the faith, I am not a newcomer to being a believer. I have spent the past four years working for a nonprofit organization that specialized in working with underprivileged youth in the education system. During my time there, I saw many struggles and witnessed many situations that not only restored my faith in the Lord, but also helped to shape my mind into looking into ministry work. Though I am not 100% confident what type of ministry I would like to begin, I know that it is the Lord's calling for me to work with youth. I have learned through my career experiences how to make solid connections with these young people and their families and I am hoping to gain an education that can help me to reach them for the glory of the Lord. I would like to be able to speak God's word with authority and have it as a tool to assist in my everyday interactions with every person that I meet. I've thought about this for a period of time now, and I know that when God lays something on your heart, it is wise not to ignore it. Though going into any type of ministry was not the first thing on my list of goals for my life, I recognize the call that has been placed with me. Receiving a scholarship here would help me fulfill that calling, and give me the tools and resources to reach the youth that I interact with more powerfully. I am truly excited to begin to grow and learn in the Word and I look forward to sharing this experience with everyone. God Bless!"

    Please pray for Emerald and her ministry!

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    • Day 151 - 180

      The course has ended. Please make sure all quizzes have been completed. If your work is incomplete, it is considered a drop, and you will have to take the class again in order to receive credit.

      Our staff will be using this time to review your work. Your grade should appear on your "My Home Page" in the "Course Overview" section.  Please contact Helpdesk if you have any questions or did not receive your grade.