Hermeneutics and Exegesis
Professor: David Feddes
Week 9 Worksheet: Research Exercises

Study the Bible passages, meditate on what they mean, and use other study resources such as those provided here. Bible Hub has many features. Use commentaries, cross references, and other tools to do exegetical research. You can also consult other study Bibles and commentaries you may have, as well as search other internet resources. As you go through the questions, write your answers on paper. When you finish your research, you can start the quiz, enter your answers, and submit the quiz for grading.

2 Kings 6:8-23

What genre is 2 Kings 6:8-23?

Who was the king of Israel when this story happened?

Name two verses from Psalms that speak of God's angels guarding those who trust in the Lord.

Where in Ephesians does the Bible talk about eyes being opened?

Name a verse from Genesis in which angels bring blindness on enemies.

What other miracles did God perform through Elisha?

Elisha told the king of Israel not to kill the enemy troops but to feed them. Name a passage from Proverbs giving similar instruction for dealing with enemies.

2 Kings 6:23 says, "And the Syrians did not come again on raids into the land of Israel." Understood in the wider context, does this mean that Syria (Aram) and its king never again caused trouble for Israel after this incident?

Elisha was protected and spared from being captured and killed. Looking at Scripture as a whole, are God's people always spared from suffering and death if they have enough faith?

How does the ministry of Elisha foreshadow the ministry of Jesus?


Matthew 18:21-35

In Judaism forgiving ___________ times showed a generous spirit. Jewish rabbis commonly taught that you should forgive another person _____________ times.

When Jesus tells Peter to forgive his brother not seven times but seventy-seven times, what does Jesus mean?

What genre is Matthew 18:23-34?

What was the value of ten thousand talents?

What was the value of 100 denarii?

The unforgiving servant was handed over to torturers. What did this mean in Jesus' time?

Where else in the gospel of Matthew does Jesus say something similar to Matthew 18:35?

What are some verses in the New Testament epistles that speaking of forgiving others as we have been forgiven?

Is forgiving other people a way to earn God's forgiveness and deserve salvation?

What does Jesus say will happen to unforgiving people?

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