Do you accept transferred credits for degrees?

ANSWER: In short, yes. However, Christian Leaders College only does so for students who are pursuing and accepted to the college. Previous college-level educational transcripts or credits MUST be what many universities describe as "official." Generally, this will entail contacting your previously attended institution and requesting that they send your academic transcript(s) directly to our processing office in Michigan. By mail, these files will be considered "official" because they should arrive in a sealed, unopened, unaltered envelope from the academic office (registrar) of the previous school. If through email, these files will be considered "official" if they are sent directly to our office through a verifiable and academic employee/distributor. If we are not able to verify the transcript as "official", we will not be able to use these transcripts to transfer credits. Once our registrar's office receives these documents, a student can expect a one-course (three credit equivalent) initial transfer that will be used to establish "college readiness credentials" required in the College Admissions (MIN015) course. It is not until students have successfully completed MIN015 and are accepted to the college that they can request (via email) a complete, comprehensive transcript evaluation be performed. If you are still not sure what constitutes an "official" transcript, you can email our registrar's office at '' for more information.

IN ADDITION: As it relates to Christian Leaders College's policy and protocol, administrators within the registrar's department DO NOT consider or process unofficial transcript reviews over email or any other platforms to determine whether or not a student's courses meet the transferable criteria for Christian Leaders College's degree programs. This is solely the responsibility of the student to deem whether or not they wish to pay the expenses associated with requesting official transcript copies and sending them to our institution for official evaluation. Therefore, should a student receive an "unofficial review," this is considered a "courtesy act" on behalf of the administrators, and CLC staff are not responsible in the event that not all previously estimated credits do in fact meet the transfer criteria. In addition, administrators DO NOT process credit transfers for individuals who are not pursuing admission and enrollment status within the college. In other words, this means, students who are interested in awards, ordinations, or licensing that are otherwise granted through Christian Leaders Insitute are not eligible to request partial credits be established within their account in an effort to reach these distinctions sooner unless they receive acceptance to the college.

Last modified: Wednesday, March 3, 2021, 12:31 PM