CLI Policy for Retaking a Failed Class

CLI allows you to lapse yourself from taking a class by letting your 180 day enrollment run out. After that time runs out, you may enroll into the course again. You will lose any previously completed work in the course when you enroll again.

If you fail a course, the specific policy is the following:

   1.    A student will be allowed to retake one failed class without any additional cost. After that, (1) a non-refundable $50.00 fee applies for the administrative process involved and (2) an update to a grade for a retaken course will be allowed only with permission from the registrar after a careful review of the student's academic record. The registrar's decision may be appealed once to the provost. Item 2 also applies. 

    2.    A student who fails any class must wait at least six months after the date enrollment in that course ends to re-enroll in the course he or she wishes to retake. The date a student may re-enroll is shown with the failed course grade on the student's record. The student may re-enroll only once in the course he or she wishes to re-take.

    3.    A student must receive a grade of C- or higher on the re-take or the student will not receive an update to their failed course grade.

    4.    A student will continue to have an F in the record for the course until the failed class has been completed and the student has contacted the registrar to have his or her grade updated. This update may take 3-7 business days to be reflected on the student's record. To request an update to the grade in a retaken course, you must contact the registrar at the following email address:

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