The Leadership Excellence School Admissions class has an $125.00 application fee.

Here is how our degree programs work.

Before you can be enrolled into a degree program, you must first complete Leadership Excellence School Admissions course.

Here are the requirements for the Leadership Excellence School Admissions course:

  1. First you must pay the College Admission fee and then state that in the Confirm College Application Paid Assignment
  2. To show your readiness you must do one of the following in the Establish College Readiness  assignment and state which you have done in this assignment and submit it for grading:
    • Send your High School Transcript...OR
    • Complete 30 Credits at CLI...OR
    • Complete Collegiate Preparation Award...OR
    • Send College transcript showing at least 3 credits completed at another college.
  3. Submit 1 endorsement from a person who knows you well in the Recommendations Assignment.
  4. Complete a well written profile in the Student Profile Assignment.
  5. Upload a Government Issued ID picture in the Verify Your Identity assignment.
  6. After all the above are finished and graded, you will complete theAssignment Five: Feedback & Evaluation Quiz


Degree Associated fees:

Collegiate Admission fee: $125

Associate Degree costs $2,000.(As low as $50/monthly)
Bachelor Degree costs $4,000.(As low as $50/monthly)
If already completed Associate Degree with CLC and pursing Bachelor Degree it costs $2,000. (As low as $50/monthly)

To see all of the grants we offer and developing nation pricing tiers, go to the following page:

Grant Programs

We also have a Pool of Bethesda scholarship program that you might be interested in if you are considering our degree program.  You must complete at least 15 credits with us before you can apply for this.  To learn more about this Scholarship:

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