First Written Assignment - Post Your Ministry Calling Story. Impact others' lives!


Post Your Testimony and the calling to be a life coach minister. 

Put this story as your profile. People appreciate where you are coming come and your journey. 

Your story can make a big difference! Maybe you read a story before you dared to try ministry training. A called Christian may be inspired to take their next step by reading your story. 

Note: By participating in this activity, you give CLI permission to share your story. Some "Search Engine Optimization" may occur on stories to improve their indexing. If CLI posts one of your stories, you always have the right to request that the story be removed from our website. 

Post your story and upload a high-quality picture of yourself. If you have a security risk, do not feel you need to participate. 

Each of us has a testimony and a calling.  What is your story?

  • Start with your name and the place you are from. 
  • Tell us a little about what it is like to be a Christian leader where you live. 
  • What was your childhood like? Include the spiritual journey. A few specific details are helpful.
  • Please share with us how you came to know the Lord.
  • Please share with us your Spiritual dream.
  • What obstacles did you face growing into maturity? 
  • What events humbled you to realize that you needed Christ in your life? 
  • When did God become real to you? 
  • How did you come to know Jesus as your Savior and Lord? 
  • How do you plan to apply your training from the Christian Leaders Institute?
  • Why does the Life Coach Minister program really interest you?


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