Session #3 Communicate with Precision


Communicating with precision lets you walk away from interactions with improved understanding.  Even in tenuous settings where anger emerges, communication precision enables you to recognize…  


  • Precise Communication Skills are essential to Anger Management.
  • Life in a sometimes-fearful world necessitates doing things differently.
  • There are adaptable behaviors that make you ready to get better results.
  • Ways to practice in order to avoid the “traps” people fall into when angry.
  • Ways to turn difficult situations into solution focused opportunities.

Use this space to make a list of behaviors you know or have seen trigger anger.

            _________________        __________________

            __________________        __________________

            __________________        __________________                 

Four choices when it comes to Managing Anger

1.    ______________________________________

2.    ______________________________________

3.    ______________________________________

4.    ______________________________________


Precise Communication is Effective when:


            Confidence           Awareness           Recognition


1.    Turn anger energy into problem-solving energy.

2.    Win and hold consent

3.    Establish and build trust

4.    Stimulate dialog



“Here is where we have been trying "to go" for the past few weeks……… and…here is "where we are."  We’ve "accomplished this" …we "have not" accomplished… (fill in the blank). This is what we "still have to do." 

Great communicators and those that aspire to be do this routinely.


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