The Wedding Program Meeting 

Henry Reyenga

Hold a meeting at least two months in advance, if possible


Ask if there are any changes from the first meeting

Confirm ceremony facts 

Confirm details and get more details

Fact Questions:

How many people are standing up?

Do parents all get along? Will they sit together?

What type of feel does the couple want? Traditional, contemporary?

What time and why?

Things to Talk About Before the Rehearsal

Things to talk about when meeting with the Bride and Groom: 

Time to gather

Time to start

Time to end

Preparing before the rehearsal

Wedding Coordinator

Who is in charge? Clarify this.


• Develop volunteers

• Meet with the wedding helpers

Things to Talk About Before the Rehearsal

Who is in charge?

Are there parents or relatives or friends who may try to take control in a way that is undesirable?

What is the game plan?

Program Details

What about family volunteers doing a reading or other part in the ceremony?

What about a solo?

What about live music vs. canned music?

What about video recordings or photos?

Important Personal Details

Fact Questions:

What are the exact pronunciations of the names?

Are there any health issues that affect the ceremony for anyone?

Pastoral Care Issues

Grief issues that may have to be addressed

Expectation issues

Any other questions?

Message Issues

Favorite Bible verse

Message length (10 minutes average)

Look for an angle

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