The Wedding Rehearsal 

Henry Reyenga

Getting to the Wedding Location for the Rehearsal

Meet the staff and be very respectful.

Get familiar with the sound system situation.

Talk to the photographer(s) and videographer(s). Clarify expectations.

Gather the Bride and Groom

Go over with them in 2 minutes what is going to happen.

Let them know that they are going to introduce everyone before you get started.

Answer any questions.

Gather Everyone





Start Rehearsal With Everyone in the Stage Position

Place everyone at the stage position first

Put tape down where everyone is going to stand

Ask the bride to approve the stage position placements

Have the Wedding Party Get in Line Up Position

The grandparents are first

Next come the parents, except the Father of the Bride.

Then Officiant and the Groom (usually with a music change)

 Next, the Mothers (or others) practice lighting the unity candle if that is being done.

The wedding party stands in the desired order. The best man and maid of honor are last.

The Flower Girl and Ring Bearer go in right before the bride. 

The Bride and her father or escort are next (Music Change) Mother of the Bride leads in standing up and turning around. 

Ceremony (Sample)


Giving of the Bride

Invocation and purpose of marriage

Declaration of intent

Exchange of vows

Exchange of rings

Lighting of the Unity Candle

Scripture Reading


Declaration of Marriage

Presentation of Bride and Groom


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