Session # 9 Decisions Requires Discipline

Choose to not be a prisoner of your past. Ask yourself, “What actions or habits of mine were useful once, but are no longer applicable?”  Everyone has the potential to influence outcomes. Discipline yourself to decide to create an atmosphere where change brings new possibilities into reality. The question might be, “what did I do or not do to make this happen or not happen?” Now is the time to discover that success comes with commitment.

You decide to make a conscious choice to behave in a different way that reduces any proclivity leaning toward poor judgment. By replacing reactive behavior with pro-active observational behavioral, you dramatically increase behavioral tendencies contributing to your wellbeing. In essence, your are disciplining yourself to be opposed to your anxiety, frustration, and any limiting sense of worth. Choose it and it starts to diminish. 

You will surprise yourself and those around you with your ability to reduce escalation encounters. Certain things no longer hook you.  Neither do the trigger words or observable actions of others raise anger levels. Your ability to manage increments of time and stretching them further out in your real world eventually turns anger episodes into faded memories.  This all occurs as you share your knowledge about anger management with others full aware there is always more to learn.  Learn and share, learn and share becomes a part of life in your quest for information that turns into education.  Your education makes you knowable and with practice, doing “the right things to do” you grasp the wisdom to push beyond limits.

  • Sort through your current behaviors (write them down, for your eyes only)
  • Choose behaviors to develop (Put them in your prayer life, asking for guidance)
  • Act more positive than negative                                                                                           (Act yourself into right thinking, it’s next to impossible to think yourself into right acting}
  • Better understand yourself by expanding awareness (work at it until its natural)
  • Less controlling, more capable of managing moments (Control belongs to God)
  • Deal with your own fears and assumptions (“You have nothing to fear but fear itself.”



  • Be your best self-more often
  • To act with precision is to act with clarity

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