Associate of Christian Leadership (64 credits) 

Course Requirements: Minimum of 64 credit hours and 2.0 GPA or higher

Designed to deepen your walk with God and be grounded in a biblical worldview before entering the workplace. This versatile degree will equip you with many leadership skills you can use in the workplace and in many situations.


  • Summarize the redemptive-historical story of the Bible and identify key truths.
  • State major elements of a biblical worldview and contrast with other worldviews.
  • Use spiritual disciplines to commune with Christ and conform to his character.
  • Relate biblical principles to a breadth of disciplines required for higher studies and for Christian leadership in various spheres of life.


  • Graduates can earn this degree and continue into the Bachelor of Christian Leadership with CLC, or they can transfer to a partnership school.
  • Possible employment as a leader in a church, ministry, non-profit or corporate company.
  • Increase your skills as a well-rounded leader equipped with the tools to thrive in various situations.
  • Grow in your walk with Christ and strengthen all your relationships.

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Associate of Christian Leadership Alumni Testimonies: 

"The Associate of Christian Leadership degree was perfect for me as I desire to work in para-church ministries and more behind the scenes in my local church.

The Associate of Christian Leadership degree has provided a solid theological foundation for me to both continue growing in my faith and to continue pursuing further studies. The studies have also helped me to become a better admin for a group I am involved with on Facebook, Reformed Christian Teaching. Thanks to my studies, I now have the confidence to teach and engage in discussion with others more. I also manage my own personal ministry, Six-Twelve Ministries, where I am now trying to help others understand the biblical truth about the paranormal. I volunteer in my church on the media ministry team as well as volunteer for outreach programs. In all these areas I have seen growth and application from my studies here at CLI.

Now that I have graduated with this degree, I am not stopping here. My hunger to grow in theological understanding and my hunger to know God and His Word have only grown more and more. I plan to pursue my Bachelor of Christian Leadership next, with a concentration in Advanced Biblical Studies." - Daniel M. 

"In my viewpoint, this completion of the Associate of Christian Leadership Degree is considered the beginning of many more achievements we can get at CLC. I’d like to cite three points. First of all, It is a trigger, and encouragement for my personal growth and among church members. Secondly, the degree is also a dedication to my father and all God’s servants. Most secular academicians despise theological studies. The accredited degree serves as testimony for those who despise theological studies. It is also a symbol to valorize the devotion and courage of all vision partners who have contributed closely and remotely to the completion of this degree.  Thirdly, this degree program will serve as the tangible proof to sensitize church Leaders to deepen their knowledge and get armed for God’s service." - Zabulon N. 

Bachelor of Christian Leadership (124 credits)

Requirements: Minimum of 124 credit hours and 2.0 GPA or higher

Designed as a versatile degree to help you be a well-rounded Christian leader applying a biblical worldview in various life situations: business, trades, home, church, and ministries. You can strengthen your knowledge and increase your impact for Christ as a well-rounded leader. The Bachelor of Christian Leadership provides you with a double major: a Bible/Theology major and a Ministry major. In addition, you can choose a concentration in an area you want to focus on. If you want a triple major that includes business or philosophy, that is an option with this degree.


Employ sound principles of interpretation and apply Scripture to contemporary contexts.
Defend the biblical worldview and critique other worldviews.
Biblically assess various doctrinal claims and ministry methodologies.
Demonstrate competence in making disciples, pastoral care, and leadership.
Choose a sphere of influence, relate a biblical worldview to that sphere, and develop leadership abilities within that sphere.  


  • Graduates can earn this degree before entering a trade or master’s level studies. 
  • Possible employment as an Educational Administrator, Executive leader in a ministry, Entrepreneur, Corporate director/leader, Ministry communications specialist, Pastor, or Nonprofit organization leader. 
  • Increase your skills as a well-rounded leader equipped with the tools to thrive in various situations. 
  • Grow in your walk with Christ and strengthen your other relationships.

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Bachelor of Christian Leadership Alumni Testimonies: 

"I chose the Bachelor of Leadership track since my understanding of “full-time” ministry work had developed to the place where I no longer viewed ministry as the exclusive domain of the clergy. Rather that everything we are engaged in, is service to the Lord Jesus and kingdom. Whether I worked in sales support in the insurance industry in London, as a Computer Hardware  Operations Team Leader in Barcelona, Spain, managed commercial aspects for Oil & Gas construction in Cape Town, South Africa, or taught English as a Foreign Language online, all are part of serving “full-time”. The Leadership degree has further empowered me with knowledge, attitudes and tools to turn my workspace into an area for kingdom advancement." - Richard S. 

"My preparation as a student at Christian Leaders College has helped facilitate communication with classmates of many nationalities and backgrounds. I gained knowledge on how to inspire people to follow our father's example of worship and love." - Miltesha Bryant

"At Christian Leaders College I have learned how to love and care for all types of people, grow with others, encourage others, and what it means to put others before myself. Christian Leaders College has taught me to put God as the center of everything I do. All that I have learned in the Bachelor of Christian Leadership has had a positive impact on my life and the lives of those around me presently and for the future because I have learned how to impact others in a positive way and find joy in serving others and Jesus Christ.  With the education I have received I look forward to becoming a Christian teacher and becoming involved in hospice ministry." - Melissa H. 

Concentrations (18 credits minimum) and Majors (30 credits minimum)

You can also add concentrations or a triple major to your bachelor of Christian Leadership degree. The concentrations include Advanced Biblical Studies, Church Planting, Youth Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Christian Philosophy, and Christian Business. You can add a third major in Christian Business or Christian Philosophy.

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