Christian Wedding Survey and Interview Sheet
Wedding Ceremony Information Facts:

  • Date of Ceremony
  • Time
  • Location of Ceremony
  • Rehearsal: What time do you wish the rehearsal to begin? (1 hour) Bring license to the rehearsal. 
  • What is the time and location of the rehearsal dinner? 
  • Do you want me and my spouse to attend the rehearsal dinner? 


Email Address: 

Street Address: 

Cell/texting number:



Email Address: 

Street Address: 

Cell/texting number:


Interview for Personalization the Wedding Ceremony

How did your first meet?

What attracted you to each other? 

How are you the same? How are you different? 

Why is your faith important to you? What role do you want it to play in your marriage? 

Do you have any favorite marriage passages? Is there a certain scripture you want to be read at the ceremony?  Do you want me to share a few words of encouragement? How long? 

Details of the Ceremony

Ceremony: What time are the pictures? What will be taken before the ceremony? What will be taken after the ceremony? 

Guests: How many are expected?

What exact names and pronunciations are desired in the Ceremony? 

How do you see the role of the parents? Is the Father bringing the bride to the bridegroom?  Who is giving away the Bride?

Who is standing up? Do you have any ideas on where people will stand or do we decide that at the rehearsal? 

What are you thinking about music?  Entrance, Solos, and Exit

What about rings? Do you want a rings ceremony? 

What about vows? Do you need help writing them or do you want to repeat them after me? Do you want me to share some ideas? 






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