Christian Wedding Officiant as a Recognized Role

Henry Reyenga

You must be recognized as a member of the clergy.


Clergy Credential Mill

Mainline Denomination 

Christian Leaders Alliance Programs

Government Requirements

If you are not already licensed or ordained as a minister of a Christian church or circle of influence, you must become a licensed or ordained clergy member with a denomination, fellowship, alliance, or religious organization. 

Preparation Requirements

Complete ministry training at the Christian Leaders Institute. 

Complete the licensing program at Christian Leaders Alliance that requires you to receive one local endorsement.

Become a member of the Christian Leaders Alliance and maintain a kingdom minister profile as a licensed Christian Wedding Officiant.

Purchase your Official Clergy Credentials. 

Be officially licensed and locally commissioned to minister in your circles of connection. 

Traditional Minister Credentials

The Letter of Good Standing is the official documentation of your Credentials of Ministry. Some states require this, many do not. 

Have a copy of your Ordination or Licensed Credential 

The licensed or ordination credential is acknowledgment of your clergy status. It may be a certificate, an ID card, a license, or some other form of minister identification. Some states require this to be sent in with the license, many do not. 

Know the state laws of where the marriage will be conducted.

Each state has specific laws about who can legally conduct a wedding ceremony. If you are not sure of the laws, contact the local county clerk of where the wedding will be held.

Local Laws

A Marriage License for You and the Couple to Sign:

In most states, the law is that the officiant is required to sign the marriage license. In many cases, the officiant also is responsible for getting the license signed by two witnesses and then mailing the license to the proper state official. Until the state official has received the marriage license, the marriage is not considered legal by state officials. 

Official Recognition Packages with Christian Leaders Alliance

Letter of Good Standing

ID Card

Licensed Certificate

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