Transfer Credit/Degree Options

Leadership Excellence School offers a Transferred Degree Option to allow students who have already earned an Associate's Degree (or Bachelor Degree) with at least 60 credits at another college to advance right into the Bachelor's degree program.

However, Leadership Excellence School's Bachelor Degree programs are built upon the requirements of their corresponding Associate Degree, so if a student does not have equivalent credits for the ones required in the corresponding Associate Degree, the student may need to take some of the courses required for the corresponding Associate Degree even though they will be enrolled in the Bachelor Degree Program.

If this option fits you, then please email our registrar department at to receive the steps and process for enrolling in our transfer program. The price you would pay would be the Bachelor Degree price $3000 ($2500 if you pay in full).

Last modified: Saturday, September 9, 2023, 10:14 AM