Degree Program Prices for all Nations

Enrollment Degree Program Administrative Fee Prices by Tier and Tier Listing Links 

Associate or Bachelor Degree Administrative Fee:  Includes your entire degree program administration for one degree program, one student ID (good for two years), and one degree diploma with a cover upon completion.

Tier 4 nation amount: Associate Degree $1,500, Bachelor Degree $3000.  Nations like the United States, Canada, Australia, and most European nations.

Tier 3 nation amount:
Associate Degree $420, Bachelor Degree $600  - Nations like South Africa, Mexico, Costa Rica, Botswana, Saudi Arabia, and Russian Federation.
 Click here Tier1-Tier 3 Nations.

Tier 2 nation amount:
 Associate Degree $300, Bachelor Degree $600 - Nations like Jamaica, Philippines, Egypt, and Ecuador.
Click here Tier1-Tier 3 Nations.

Tier 1 nation amount: Associate Degree $120, Bachelor Degree $240 - Nations like Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Uganda. Click here Tier1-Tier 3 Nations.

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