Associate of Divinity Degree

Requirements: Minimum of 64 credit hours and 2.0 GPA or higher


Designed to help you to become grounded in the Bible and theology, develop a biblical worldview, grow closer to Christ, and serve God in various kinds of Christian ministry and leadership. This degree also provides an excellent foundation if you plan to continue at CLI and earn a bachelor’s degree.



·       Summarize the redemptive-historical story of the Bible and identify key truths

·       State major elements of a biblical worldview and contrast with other worldviews

·       Use spiritual disciplines to commune with Christ and conform to his character

·       Explain biblical principles for ministry and best practices for interpersonal communication, healthy relationships, evangelism, and group dynamics in church

·       Develop skills to gather information, think critically, and communicate clearly


Required Courses:

Bible/Theology Studies (13 credits)

THE 101 Christian Basics (3 credits)

BIB 111 Old Testament Survey (3 credits)

BIB 112 New Testament Survey (3 credits)

THE 210 Theology I (4 credits)


Ministry Studies (15 credits)

MIN 015 Christian Leaders Institute Admissions (0 credits)

MIN 100 Christian Leaders Connection (3 credits)

MIN 101 Ministry Foundations [2020] (3 credits)

MIN 151 People Smart for Ministry (3 credits)

MIN 210 Pastoral Care (3 credits)

MIN 220 Church and Ministry (3 credits)


General Studies (26 credits)

COM 101 Introduction to Communication (3 credits)

ENG 121 College Writing (3 credits)

ENG 122 College Writing Lab (1 credit)

INT 210 Total Fitness (3 credits)

PHI 230 Ethics (3 credits)

HIS 240 History of World Christianity (4 credits)

Natural Science/Mathematics (choose one course; 3 credits)

MAT 121 College Algebra (3 credits)

MAT 151 Finite Mathematics (3 credits)

SCI 201 Astronomy (3 credits)

SCI 210 Introduction to Biology (3 credits)

Social/Behavioral Sciences (choose one course; 3 credits)

ECN 201 Introduction to Economics (3 credits)

SOC 201 Introduction to Sociology (3 credits)

Philosophy (choose one course; 3 credits)

PHI 201 Logic and Critical Thinking (3 credits)

PHI 211 Introduction to Philosophy (3 credits)

Electives: choose at least 3 additional courses (9 credits) in areas of your choice in the Bible/Theology, Ministry, and/or General Studies categories.

ADV 290 Capstone course for Associate of Divinity degree (1 credit)

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