What Is the Christian Leaders Alliance (CLA)?

CLA is a program for anyone going into ministry which offers various core roles & specializations that can be used for lay ministry, volunteer, part-time, and full-time work. 

Some of the roles that the CLA offers are: 

Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant • Licensed Funeral Officiant • Licensed Ministry Chaplain • Licensed Coaching Minister • Licensed Minister • Ordained Minister

You can pair any core role credential with any specialization we offer at CLA. Specializations are a focus of study within a specific ministry topic, such as preaching and youth ministry: evangelism, and much more. For example, you can be ordained under the Christian Leaders Alliance with a specialization in preaching. To view a list of all the specializations we offer, you can go to the Guidance & Credential panel on your student homepage, click "Alliance - Minister Programs," and click "Specializations."

Why Choose Christian Leaders Alliance?

Christian Leaders Alliance can provide you with ministry credentials that verify the high-quality, biblical training you have completed at Christian Leaders. These credentials can be used for employment opportunities, ministry duties, and various services within the Church. 

By completing an alliance program, you will also have the opportunity to list your minister profile amongst thousands of fellow CLA ministers within an international minister directory. 

What Route Is Best For You?

While there is no definitive answer to this question, we typically recommend anyone looking to do Lay Ministery/Volunteer work to start with our Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant & Commended Credentials. For anyone looking to go into part-time ministry start with our Coaching & License Minister Credentials. Finally, for anyone looking to work in full-time ministry complete an Ordained Minister Credential. 

Please keep in mind these are just recommendations. Depending on the specific employer/church/organization, they may require a less or more advanced core role at CLA to fulfill the specific duties you are looking to pursue. 

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