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What are the steps for completing your profiles? 

1. Upload a quality photo of yourself - This is used for any ID order and this picture will appear in the directory. If you are married, you may include your spouse in the picture with you. 

2. Write your profile - Include a bit about yourself, your family, and your background. How did you find CLI? What do you want to pursue at CLI? What are your ministry and education goals?

We highly encourage you to keep this a 'living profile,' meaning that you continually update it as you go further in your studies! 

Important Notes:

  • Your student name should not include titles such as "Rev.," "Pastor," "Dr.," etc. Students may use the form of their name that they go by, such as "Jim" rather than "James." However, we recommend using your legal name for your student profile name: for example, "James Sneider." You can explain what name you go by in your profile description.
  • All official credential documents issued by Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance will be with your name only; titles may not be put on your official credentials or Student ID.
  • You may change your privacy settings if you do not want the public to see your profile for any reason by following: Click to Profile > Edit Profile > scroll down to CLI Public Directory Privacy > Uncheck any box that you need to for privacy reasons. 
Sample Student profile: 

I am Henry Reyenga Jr. I have been married to Pamela for over 37 years, and we live in Clearwater, Florida. I serve as President of Christian Leaders Institute. Pam and I have five children and 16 grandchildren. 

I have been walking with the Lord since my childhood as my parents raised me in faith. They were wonderful Christian examples.

I have a Bachelor's degree from Dordt College and a Master of Divinity from Calvin Seminary. After completing my education, I was a church planting and pastor for many years until I received the vision from God to start Christian Leaders Institute. 

Study Interest: I am interested in studying the Bible and ministry topics at the Christian Leaders Institute.

My Goal: I want to continue developing the Christian Leaders Institute and Alliance. I love how many Christians have been empowered by the Holy Spirit to gain more confidence, competence, and credibility in their Christian witness and leadership. 

Hobbies: I enjoy reading and golf.

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