Christian Leaders Institute, as part of accreditation standards must ensure they have authorization to offer education and/or degrees to students who are a resident in that state. When CLI began seeking accreditation, authorization inquiries were sent out. However, authorization is something that must be regularly reviewed for an institution as state laws may change during that time. Late last year, CLI reached out again to all 50 states regarding authorization or exemption from authorization. As part of this effort, CLI discovered that some states’ authorization process costs would be cost-prohibitive for CLI and/or that some state’s authorization or exemption hinges on whether an institution has governmentally-recognized accreditation. This means that students residing in those states will be unable to enroll into the LES Admissions process, earn credit, or pursue a degree at this time. Students residing in the following states will not be eligible for admission to the LES and its degree programs at this time, but they will be eligible for enrollment at the Christian Development school and pursuit of its programs as well as pursuit of Alliance programs at the Institute: 


District of Columbia (cost-prohibitive), New York (cost-prohibitive), New Jersey (cost-prohibitive), Delaware (cost-prohibitive) Rhode Island (cost-prohibitive), Utah (cost-prohibitive), Kentucky (must be accredited), North Dakota (must be accredited), Nevada (must be accredited), Virginia (must be accredited), Connecticut (must be accredited), Wyoming (must have candidate status), Illinois (must be accredited), Michigan (must be accredited), Oregon (time-intensive/lengthy documentation process for authorization; CLI will seek authorization, but it will take time)*

*Please note that this change does not affect students in these states already accepted and enrolled into a degree program before January 1, 2023. They will be able to complete the degree program they are currently enrolled in.

If you have further questions about this notice, please email our Academic Office Manager, Brianna Prince, at

Last modified: Tuesday, October 24, 2023, 1:54 PM