Slides: Coaching Basics Part 2

 Coaching Basics Part 2

Professor Steve Elzinga

Coaching Basics Part 1

We learned that coaching is not …

  1. Pastoral Care = general care offered by Pastor and/or staff
  2. Counseling = a more professional, specific care offered by Pastor or Counseling staff

Coaching Basics Part 1

  1. Teaching/training/discipling = helping people learn how to do something.
  2. Mentoring = a process of helping someone acquire skills, attitudes, behaviors already mastered by the mentor

But Coaching includes

  1. Caring (like pastoral care) but more about challenge than comfort
  2. Care to a specific need (like counseling) but is more about the future than the past

Coaching includes …

  1. Teaching/training/discipling but is more about helping the client teach themselves than the coach teaching the client
  2. Mentoring but is less about the client becoming like the mentor and more about the client becoming what he or she could become with a little bit of help

Coaching Basics Part 2

One of the basic tenets of coaching is that it is client directed, not teacher directed.

But in Coaching Basics Part 2 we are going to explore coaching options that are more teacher, or coach directed.

Coaching Basics Part 2 – Two OpSons

    1. DirecSve
    2. Semi-directive


As the coach gets more directive with the client it is easy to lose the very thing that makes coaching so effecSve.

Note on Influence

We live in a culture (especially North America) where the influence of Christianity is being labeled abuse by those against Christianity.

Note on Influence

But all relaSonship interacSon is influence, including:

  1. casual conversation
  2. advertising
  3. products and services
  4. laws

Note on Influence

  1. government
  2. education
  3. parenting
  4. movies
  5. social media


So if every interaction has the potential to be an “influencing situation” then the real question is: Who is the one doing the influencing and what worldview does he or she have.

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